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Saturday, 25 December 2010


We know that the present situation on the island is dismal and everyone is hoping for a quick resolution that would bring back hope for the future. It is Christmas time though and this political season is coming to an end, I am hoping good cheer for every one; even if Santa doesn’t drop by. We all must thank God that even in this severe crisis, there is no outcry, nor serious alarm in the employment situation on the island. It seems like most people are employed and at this time are quite happy, being able to take care of their families, at least having an income, that would obviously bring some joy to the home for this festive season because our old friend is never really serious about good cheer, he all about Ho! Ho! HO!

Here is where we are; we have a very weak government in practical terms, as such, from a political stand point this breeds instability on the inside and from the outside it creates a shadow which would indicate that the government is not quite in control. The present situation does not stimulate hope for the people of Anguilla going forward. This government has managed to put its self in a very precarious position both with the British and from a governing stand point. It has weakened it own hand by isolating the only experienced and well capable representative aligned with the government, that is Eddie, so most likely, as we enter a new year we will see a further weakening of the government which will continue to have serious implications for the country. A carefully review of the budget speech of the Honorable Eddie Baird brought to the surface a Hypothetical; is Mr. Baird daring The Honorable Chief Minister who holds the most important portfolios to perform?

Mr. Baird seems to be indicating that the island is held hostage because of the lack of function in those ministries for the economic viability of the country, actually he seems to be reminding Hughes that as minister of finance and the economy, he should be a man of action to change the economic condition of the country. Now, Mr. Baird was clear that he is no David In the function of the House of Assembly, he is more like a Goliath but showed how skillful he is on the sling shot, he warned, that in spite of the environment he sees himself as a lead player in the recovery of the country and highlighted his nearly 17 years being elected. Then The Honorable Member form Road North offered his distinct respect for those members of the House who are elected, seemingly wanting to indicate that he has some restraint in offering equal respect for persons who are unelected but seem to want to heavy lift the responsibilities of government, and lead by proxy. Now, when David fired his sling shot he got the target dead on, so it leaves me wondering if Mr. Baird was firing that simple stone to kill two giants. “Hypothetically” Is Mr. Baird telling the honorable Parliamentary Secretary Hadyn Hughes to get elected and he will have his respect and telling The Honorable Chief Minister to turn the Ministry of Finance and the economy over to him ‘an economist” and he would make a difference in the economic situation of the country? It was Mr. Hughes who asked for a reshuffle in ministries, maybe Mr. Baird actually agreed but did not like the options!

By: ejharrisxm

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