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Saturday, 4 December 2010


The built-up tension between the Governor of Anguilla and the honorable Chief Minister is a deterrent to dealing with the real issues that confront the country. There is no violation of principle for these two men to engage each other in an intelligent level headed debate on the issues they differ on. The Chief Minister instead, has begun his tirade for independence; side stepping the important issues of the country. The slim majority supporting this call are mainly those diehard supporters who have consistently refused to keenly scrutinize the way this government has been performing. However, I am of the opinion that the call for independence is a legitimate one for our country and it is time for us to embrace our nationalism fully. There is no good reason to believe that the British government would entertain any such talks by this government under present circumstances. Therefore, a pivotal question for our honorable Chief Minister is; where do we start? Everyone knows that the real objective behind this lingering stalemate on the island is a ploy to have this Governor recalled because there is the assumption that he is closely associated with AUF. That could well happen in a prolongation of the situation. But if I were one close to the Chief Minister, I would advise him to make a calculated decision to offer the governor a compromise in exchange for his best cooperation. The objective would be to make the best impression for the optimal functioning of the government.

The political reality for Anguilla is; we must take our country to the next level towards Independence. The obsession by a forceful few to pursue full independence is not the most coherent at this point in time, but we must act with clarity and confidence. We must not allow the British to frame our constitutional reform by another "white Paper." Our primary move should be to allow the people to go to the polls in a referendum in the shortest possible time and chose between "Independence and Full internal Self Government" The status of Full internal Self Government being the choice, can be instituted by the next election cycle 2015.This government is in dire need of a win; it has been bad news ever since taking office, if we were a country that relies on polling data, this would paint an ugly picture for AUM. There has not been any tangible results so far from their election, but a consistent cloud of frustration has followed the government. Serious talk about our constitutional status would shift the debate to something of substance in their favor and for everyone to be involved in. From reading his weekly article, it is clear that Victor Banks himself feels that this might be the moment when we should challenge the British on the position of more autonomy for Anguilla. In a recent AUF convention the honorable former finance Minister was re elected as the political leader of that party, it seems to me that both leaders have just about staked out their choice for more political autonomy. Our Chief Minister, the honorable Hubert Hughes wants Independence for Anguilla; while the former Finance minister, the honorable Victor Banks wants "Full Internal Self Government".

The people of Anguilla must be well informed of both models and what the choices would mean for us, through a vigorous debate and "the House" must expedite the process with some urgency and approval to proceed to the polls. If I have over simplified the matter I will gladly stands to be corrected but to leave this to the British to dictate, it would most likely be a very extensive process convincing them that the time is right, and our people are ready. This move by government will do two things; it will first give this government a new lease on life and bring the people together in a single focus;"OUR Political FUTURE." Talks must begin, with the primary objective of informing everyone what these two options mean for the future of island and its people. "Let's roll".

By: ejharrisxm

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