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Friday, 4 February 2011


The value of Freedom often comes with a very high price of human casualty and suffering. To misinterpret circumstances relative to our budgetary matters and the economic situation of the island, and to use such an occasion for a call to arms, disrespect for the order of government, disregard for the Island’s Fiscal and Economic Crisis and the blatant anxiety for confrontation with the British Government is nothing less than catastrophic for the people of this island. There is no doubt that at this juncture questions are being asked as to whether our government understands the level of responsibility before the country when they have decided to ignore the rule of law and containment of civil order rather, has set in motion principle factors that would work to destabilize the country. It is a fair analogy to equate the conduct of our government with “The Making of a Crisis.”

As we watch the unfolding of another phase in the historic evolution of a people who have known their fair share of ills and fought with a strong will to succeed, this unpleasant memory is nothing more than a crisis of our own making. Let’s look at the beginning. A victory at the polls, no less than glorious from the perspective that AUF lost the reigns of government and a new era was now ushered in, little did we know twelve months later we would be mired in this turmoil, though not unanticipated we are certainly very disappointed that apparently this government has not sat down in a governing mood and brought to order the business of the country they were elected to do. Whereas, it appears that the British Government intended to execute a well thought out strategy, not necessarily against this government because certainly the previous government had said outlines of disapproval, but it appear that Hubert inflamed the situation when the excitement of his victory got to his head immediately and actually started throwing lose words around carelessly, attacking all facets of British rule on the island and its legitimacy when the power to govern is in his hands.

We have no popular uprising, no chanting on the streets or momentous dilemma confronting the country, just an island in economic peril. There are wild cards here which AUM seems happy to be associated with, as seen when there was a sudden alarm of injustice that the Governor intended to fire the Chief Minister. The generals made a call to her Majesty’s Prison which mobilized the troops from with in the jail walls, some taking up positions on the roof top while others got busy burning open door fires on the grounds making a clear statement. It is not clear to this moment why such a breech occurred and who was responsible for inciting such violence on those protected grounds of Her Majesty’s custody. Another incident worth recalling is the earlier visit of the UK Minister for the Overseas Territories Mr. Henry Bellingham who visited the island in the very early months of The Hughes administration and was greeted with insults and a performance suited for our primary civil enemy and number one culprit of our anger and disdain Robert L. Bradshaw (deceased). The continuous bickering with the Governor and refusal to entertain suggestions and proposals from the Office of Overseas Territories and the Minister direct, acting like rude children rejecting sound advice and instructions that would form the nucleolus of what should be putting the country back on track.

So why did we passed up a great opportunity to govern at this critical time in our history. Nothing is really easy, but nothing too hard for government to do for its people who fought to ensure that their man sits on the seat of power. Talk is indeed cheap and worth nothing when you have lost control of the very vibration of sound speech, but lose talk is like jingles out of rhythm. Why make our lives so miserable with suggestive rhetoric that burns in the flames of anger and bring open dispute to the corridors of our House, our honorable House of Representation. Isn't it better to honor your people with a character of humility and bring change rather than bring us to our knees in shame. This is a crisis, indeed a crisis of our own making, can we bring back to order the civility of this country or we are going to see more fragmentation and dispute, fighting from with in, a struggle now revealed. It became very clear during the political campaign that there were extreme radicals elements in AUM. Eddie Baird is a man of conscience, as youngsters we were regular church goers together, he is a man of faith who knows his profession in Jesus Christ. I believe his report and the country should listen to Eddie’s call on this government to disarm itself from such elements of destruction. We must now question the judgment of Jerome Roberts elected member from East End, how did he missed this observation and was so willing to adapt such principles. Jerome should now rearm himself with civility and work with Eddie to bring the required change the island needs right now.

By: ejharrisxm

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