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Friday, 22 April 2011


Let’s get real; this week is actually called Holy Week! When we slow down, take some time off and meditate on the “Death Burial and Resurrection of Our Lord and Savior “Jesus Christ.” Because we are a community of many religions and various celebrations, this ceremony is called “The Celebration of the Christian Church.

To make the distinction between the Christian Church and other denominations sometimes minimizes the commitment of mankind to the sacrifice of “A Man, A real Man!” for us all. But indeed, there is a balance, and one must judge with real acknowledgement that such a sacrifice actually deserves the best possible conduct of humanity. The term Christian often stirs tension among religious people because some Churches tend to celebrate the Christian life in different forms and therefore call into question the true belief of others. The real story behind the church however is the person “Jesus Christ” who really is a “Spirit,” and God Himself, that’s the three persons in one God we were taught about in Sunday-School. This story should be a personal one to all mankind who lives by faith and not by sight. As humans, we all react differently to the truth, but each must recognize within one’s self weather such a story told of a man crucified, dead and buried could indeed be a fact of life; even more dramatic, “He rose the third day and walked away from the grave. Does this story resonate as one that is true to you? Or just another tale; “Here lies your spiritual destiny!”

The Human mind tends to react to action more so than real solemn moments, but the heart of man is where the spirit and soul functions. The story of Jesus Christ, his birth, death and resurrection is true! Not an imaginary drama. You must judge yourself deep within your heart and see if you really believe such a narrative. (The story) because the transforming power is in believing, believing in his name; and your transformation begins with you truly believing in him. We must know this, God is a Spirit and they that worship Him must worship him in spirit and in truth. This means that, obviously there are worshipers out there who do otherwise and there are other spirits out there.

This Easter week is an appropriate time for each of us to love our neighbor and extend a hand of fellowship as the Lord himself would, it is more so a time to give serious thought to your personal situation and make sure that as time fleets by you are ready when your name is called at that great moment, when you alone steps out there. That’s the moment time stands still, and we’ll know for sure we’ve reached our long awaited destiny.

This week is also a great time for our government to reconcile their differences in the interest, and good of the country. Government needs to reconsider the Bill before the people; this bill will hurt the island and the average person that still lives by simple means. Anguilla cannot afford the regime of taxation imposed in recent months, and certainly cannot allow government to saddle the lower income people with the weight of these measures. This Bill must be reconsidered, recalled and re adjusted. With this, to all my friends, well wishers and associate, I take this moment to wish you a very Happy Easter with the richest blessing of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Happy Festival Delmar!!!!!

By: Elliot J. Harrigan    

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