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Friday, 7 January 2011



The paradox of a government in function, two friends back to back with deep rivalry steeped in optimism for a better day, a better way; Can this hold true for the success they seek or just the reflection of a government without cohesion. The real story why Edison Baird is a politician without a coat, left without influence in the Hughes Government. After an initial discussion, I followed the trail and pursue the story in form of practical investigative journalism. Clearly this is inside business and even though there is fracture in the ranks nobody wants the beans spilled and certainly Eddie has been tight lipped all along. There is real life theater between Haydn Hughes and Eddie Baird which brought both of these men face to face in dialogue on government business. I am lead to believe there is no way Eddie would function in harmony in this government, simply because he sees Haydn as a selected figure with the over bearing attitude of grabbing influence and peddling power. In Baird’s own words” Haydn is not an elected official and he should not be the one trying to run the government.” Eddie holds the strong view that Haydn asserts himself in the ministerial function of government without having the competence of electoral approval; he sees the practice as meddling. Such over-reaching was clearly evident in the process of negotiating with Cap Ja luca and Flags, the point of contact for these two men, when Eddie looked Haydn in the eye face to face and said in effect “you are a Nominated Member of the House and do not have the authority to handle these discussions,” reminding him that he Eddie has political responsibility to the electorate and the people of Anguilla, a responsibility not entrusted to Hadyn Hughes, actually making that phrase famous.

It appears that this exchange triggered the descent in the collective function of the government. To stabilize matters Jerome Roberts was brought in to minimize the damage and prop up confidence with the AUM faction and from an inside perspective all effort was made to minimize the role of Eddie in government, and therefore Jerome was promised Eddie’s portfolios; Handed to the Governor, bringing the business of governing to a screeching halt with disapproval. Eddie remains adamant and feels that with him in the present position his most effective work would be done in the executive council where he is geared to challenge the government on key issues or perpetrate his own agenda for the people while C.M. Honorable, is fast asleep. Mr. Baird relies heavily on his many years of experience in the house and is now determined to exert more independence, raking as most experience and most senior member. Insiders of the party indicate that Haydn and Baird are clearly at loggerheads because in conducting business Haydn always feel the he is the smartest man in the room and he speaks and disseminates information to the public for government without understanding how the system works. Reference made to the fact that Haydn jumped the gun and made a public statement and, in fact mislead the public that Voice Roy Hotel was sold and the treasury would receive $44.million, when actually it was a matter of refinancing of debt and sale of the loan. The property holder of the Voice Roy hotel remains Barn’s Bay Development LTD.

It seem clear to me that Eddie is fed up with this circus and is prepared to assert a higher degree of leadership over government business within his Ministry. No doubt Jerome, not being able to capitalize effectively on any clear position in government may soon be disenchanted and chose to support Eddie who seems ready to lead the country.

The public must be informed that from an administrative position there is total chaos in government; there is an outcry for pragmatic political leadership for the country and fears of a total breakdown of competence, leaving a void in the political direction of the country and the lack of competent and effective negotiating has projects stuck at that level. The picture that is painted is that there is no answer to questions, no leadership, no competence and no execution. What we have is a constant drumbeat toward confrontation with FCO and the British Government. Word is that the current budget of the Anguilla Government is now subject to higher approval than FCO another wedge in the crack, which will bring mass chaos to this country.

By: ejharrisxm

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