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Saturday, 19 February 2011


One year after the people went to the polls and changed the government we find ourselves in an extraordinary “explosive” situation on the island. Considering the economic and financial crisis the country is facing today, government has lost focus of its elected responsibility. This appears to be the premise for a total breakdown of normality with the AUM and government's framework which seems to be dismantling and fragmenting on a daily basis.

There is a segment of our population and a very vocal group which is bent on perpetual insanity, with a deliberate political agenda to destroy the civility we have come to accept in recent years. This was observed through the campaign where the level of respect and tolerance for opposing opinions were totally off limit. This small group is without doubt elements of the estranged unelected that the honorable Edison Baird spoke about in recent times that is moving to a radical dimension to destabilize the country. These are the ones questioning the constitutional authority of the Governor, disrespecting the civil and electoral process where decisions of government are handled with in the executive council and executed according to the process. These are the ones opting to campaign against themselves in a governing period, while they hold the reins of government and said group choosing to march from the east towards the Governor’s office while in representation of their Minister from the extreme west of the country.

The process of governing is confined to the perimeters of the elected members in the House. Those appointed to serve in various capacities do enjoy the extension of electoral powers through their constitutional appointment and is required to perform within the rules of order governing the civil process. The rest of us being part of the broader electoral constituent are expected to become subject to the daily process of governing; but some people have adapted the attitude that they are part of the governing process as well, because they hired the government. When a government is elected it depends on its collective ability and individual capability to govern, and discretion in their capacity to compromise to ensure stability. We have a bully team of representatives, each one holding on to their turf. Then we have the bully political operatives and die hard supporters to maintain the life span of the government this is a primary source of destabilization. The average supporter has no knowledge of the in-depth functioning of government and therefore should remain subject to an organized form of information provided, either through a government’s public service entity, the media or a program such as government’s information service but these operatives seems to want to be the ones delivering the bad news further damaging the credibility of the government. The island is progressively trending towards utter chaos and is now becoming a very serious liability to this very government which seems unable to set any leadership direction for governing or the governed; therefore, this lack of direction has instigated a level of descent not seen since the last Hughes administration 1999/2000. This is unacceptable to the very large disciplined majority of us who simply want the country to be governed well.

The most recent uptick in the internal wrangling of this government is between The Health Minister and his rival, seeking the job, honorable Jerome Roberts over the apparent eminent closure of the East End Clinic. The difference of opinion is not riveting because it appears that neither one is sure as to what the actual directive is and it has resorted to a power struggle where the Minister, taking into account that Mr. Roberts is the elected representative from East End, and while he holds the requisite authority, apparently wants to hear from Mr. Roberts in some subjective form; Mr. Roberts is not willing to be subjected in any form at all. I went to East End School when this clinic provided a vital service to both Island Harbor and East End. It is not clear what would be the ultimate end result of this debate but I stand with the community to preserve this iconic symbol of the past in some form. Because of the on-going fiscal situation of the country there might indeed be imminent closure. I support efforts for this facility to remain functional, or become a part of the current developing preserve of this community and its environment which is already being composed of several elements of historic value. These assets must not remain derelict but must be part of the historic value of the community. To close the facility where it becomes another abandoned building dilapidated, as the Old East End School room, would be unfortunate.

It would do our representatives well to think beyond the political impediments they encounter and envision the composure of all of these attributes already to some degree in formation of collective assets contributing to the comprehensive historic value of the community. We have the incomplete, but necessary bird watch to be further enhanced and developed, we also have the little spring on the lower end of the pond which we all as school children utilized for drinking water and of course the school room itself still intact. As I see it, collectively they all should become a central point for the community and be monumental in shaping a comprehensive, social historic multifaceted environment for recreation and amusement complementing the already established historic Museum which would serve both Island Harbor and the East End communities well. Therefore the dialogue between Mr. Baird and Mr. Roberts must be put into some perspective in the community’s interest. This government has lost its focus on the country and is simply wrangling and bickering, either with the Governor or themselves. This must stop in the interest of the country.

By: ejharrisxm

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