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Friday, 25 March 2011


It was an excellent shot; perhaps for the first time we’ve had the opportunity to distinguish the power players on any platform in one place at one time. Noticeably absent was the other Minister. The Minister of Health and Social services was ambiguously missing from the composition of the team that represented “the Government in Photo.” They were obviously in one place all together for a funeral on the island of St. Kitts with a fellow colleague in mourning for a fallen loved one. The Anguilla delegation lead by The Honorable Chief Minister and his “men in black” represented the best image of a government in function on foreign soil. With the ongoing division and obvious disagreement in government, the question asked, could this be a division of the modern day wrecking crew that will destroy the island as we know it, or perhaps the great characters that would lead the country to better prosperity and a better future. None wants to extract the mood from the photograph, but certainly such unity is never displayed at home because the ongoing division in government continues between The honorable Minister for Health and Social affairs Mr. Edison Baird and the rest of the team, now leaving us all to believe that not even in death is Baird willing to join hands and unite. This sends a cold message of truth and defiance, a Minister obviously in subordination, more so, probably being distinguished as a man standing alone.

The occasion helped to put into perspective the government; no doubt the Honorable Chief relished the image, revealing a compact team of power players in quiet retreat on a mission of empathy. The facade conveyed a modest appearance of the most powerful personalities in Anguilla today. Apart from the youthful appearance of the group, the Honorable Chief himself resembles one of today’s youngsters dressed to kill with a very gentle smile reflecting comfort in his zone. Apart from clear acknowledgment of the only lady in picture, noticeable some distance in the background is the unelected, or to put it mildly according to another source, perhaps, “the electable,” but dominantly over shadowed with some prominence by the elected giants of the newest government of Anguilla in theater. While appears well composed, I’m sure well aware that all is not in good standing at home. Still to legislate, the stabilization levy and a range of new taxation that could very well pose some difficulty for the government when all measures are fully in place. The cry to government itself, is to give back some of its perks they now enjoy, a cry we know will go unanswered, being adamant that the salaries and benefits for the ministers and senior civil servants were not instituted by them, it was the work of a former government but obviously, the legislation left well in tack, which is a major cause for some of the difficulties the country now faces.

The obvious short trip, no doubt was a brief moment in quiet retreat on a different mission. But, in government the people’s business is the only business of government and therefore I’m sure the weightier matters of the country were foremost in mind. It would appear however, that the re-appointment of Stanly Reid as Deputy Governor of Anguilla was missed; another five years, affirming confidence in his duties by Governor Alistair Harrison. The combination has been executing the full range of constitutional authority by administering the country as the most executive branch under her Majesty powers. For most of the full term of this government (Men IN Black) there has been no congenial liaison between the apparent two branches, which is actually leading to fears that our government is relinquishing the capacity to govern effectively and deferring the roll to FCO and the office of the Governor and Deputy. It is the mind of the people; that The Honorable and respected Chief Minister exhibit a firm hand of leadership and bring to order all Ministries in his government in full execution of proper governance for the country. The Governor has clearly indicated that he is ready to work and because of the high order he executes, his representation cannot engage party politics or partisan matters. Therefore in his capacity and function, he obviously appears to grasp the attention and character of a performing executive with the look, as was shown on page seventeen of the Daily Herald on Wednesday March 23rd showing two men in executive form. This is the shot we need to see of our elected branch representing the people in full order.

By: Elliot J. Harrigan

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