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Saturday, 19 March 2011


Would it be the assumption now, that since this government has lived out its first year in a wave of controversy and confusion, that (AUF) The Anguilla United Front would position its self for a unique leadership role? There is no indication of any surrender or retreat from AUM on any of the issues that has the country embroiled in unresolved problems, with The Governor and FCO. The year behind us was a most terrifying one for any new government, and the country it’s self. The former Honorable Chief Minister Osbourne Fleming said it very well on the podium during an AUF public meeting, naming out the various degrees of taxation now imposed on the people, and said that he choose to do this because it appears that no one is taking time to tell the people what’s coming. He went on to indicate that your EC dollar is now worth only 60 cents, reference to the diminished buying power of the people. Mr. Fleming also touched very briefly on what appeared to have been a policy matter of his government, indicating that it was never his intension to leave money in the treasury perhaps, clearing up a myth that the treasury is a holding system for country cash. Mr. Fleming indicated that it was the policy of his government to spend Anguilla’s money on its people, for educating youngsters and assisting where needed, he consider the idea that the treasury is for holding money a stupid one.

The Anguilla United Front (AUF) has now brought the most pertinent issue to the people in a series of public meetings, emphasizing that in fact the people of Anguilla were bamboozled into voting for a government that enticed them with false claims, pure lies and promises that were in fact broken within twelve months. Avid supporters of AUF, now indicates that “We’ve Made Our Point” and it’s is time for Mr. Banks and the AUF machine to help the country. They say AUF must go back to the drawing board and structure an organization, a political machine that would recapture the hearts and soul of the Anguilla people once again. There is no doubt that AUF loss at the polls in 2010 has emboldened AUM and their supporters in believing that damage was done to the party, in spite of the tremendous progress experienced over a full term of ten years.

The island is without objective government, which apparently stems from an unsecured competence level, and there is no sign that this will improve anytime soon, this has degraded the quality of the island in the mind of the region and makes our people look ridiculous and feel less assertive. For the past twelve months the government has not shown its ability to execute administrative authority to calm the people, who are disappointed because of the continuing chaos. It would appear that the AUM team is actually engaged in a practice run of governing, hoping that conditions would improve and they would be fortunate for a second term. They campaigned vigorously for the reins of power and they indeed should enjoy the fruits of their labor. There has been no strategic policy enactment so far to turn things around on the island except swamping us all with taxation, without a clear governing policy. The Secretary of State Mr. William Hague has however opened a door for dialogue on proper governance, which the AUM government should take the opportunity and synchronize. The Minister announced that, the overall vision for the Territories is for them to be vibrant, flourishing communities, while assuring that they can always depend on the UK for necessary support. It would appear that part of the Minister’s agenda is to motivate the territories to be proud citizens and not to leave their circumstances restrict their pride in their British Heritage, indicating that this is all part of a broader agenda, which includes self sufficiency and self determination in a competitive and unpredictable world, while assuring that they (the British) would strongly support those Territories in compliance.

Unlike our neighboring French and Dutch Territories who always express pride in their heritage, while dealing with their deficiencies, Anguilla openly despises the British; our Chief Minister is a lecturer on this subject. The Minister clearly wants to nurture better and more productive territories with a grown up mentality. We must deal with our issue, accept our British citizenship with pride, love our country, and be proud people. The Minister clearly has an agenda which would be a great challenge for this government who must level off the chaos they ensued, which tell me that help is wanted. AUF can bring clarity to these issues, having that vast experience in the affairs of the country. A careful analysis and dialogue with the people is necessary, which can be achieved through effective and balanced dialogue while informing and educating the public. Current radio talk shows and news broadcasts are not effectively informing the people they all carry a deep bias. The wave of taxation could instigate a major backlash and perhaps total upheaval when we all get hit individually and personally, tensions could fly. Indications of inequitable distribution of the measures must be explained. Our fishermen and gardeners must be aware that their once cherished handy work is now part of taxable industrial economics with penalties if none compliance. Government has not engaged in any extensive informative or awareness sessions, only public appeasement under the veil of a transparency campaign for the introduction of the measures, people need to know the truth about where the country is going.

By: ejharrisxm

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