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Friday, 4 March 2011


Farther of the Nation!!!!

There is no better gesture suitable for the honor of James Ronald Webster than having the country stand still for a moment and recognize the leap ahead we’ve made because of “one man.” And no term more suiting as “Father of the nation” The term “one man” is a very sour note to the ears of a significant number of Anguillians because we recall a people of one mind, one determination, one conclusion. We all agree that the name Ronald Webster is most synonymous with the plight of this country and its rise to freedom. We all know, and recognize the personal sacrifice and anguish he suffered, not because of personal loses, lack of sleep or not enough family time as a regular family man. The mission he embraced was one of much more significance than those important chores of life, so he committed himself to the great task ahead, not to sound a warning but win the battle.

It is unclear who actually started the revolution, different accounts are given of different situations and various approaches to accomplishing the stated goal. What we know, as is recorded in the history books that James Ronald Webster was the undisputed leader of the Anguilla’s revolution of 1967. As we know, great minds talk idea, small minds discuss people, and so for our island to attain this success, one man was certainly not enough, he needed everyone else. Those that ran with the mantle and lead this country to victory effectively planned and executed our rise to freedom from literal oppression. We honor everyone with great respect from our hearts and our country says “thanks.” It is a principle from the beginning of time and is recorded in many of the great stories of the Bible age. One man led and one man consequently bears responsibility for leading. Moses led the children to the promise land, it was utterly impossible for this to occur, yet Moses; God’s point man in the wilderness was God’s man with the plan.

Brave and heroic initiatives are taken by conviction not necessarily by conversation. Most certainly, if the plan to liberate Anguilla was discussed and plotted with the masses no matter how honorably, this battle would still be ongoing, because effort was made prior to our time and failed. “Quote from Bless Our Forebears” The story tells of the difficulties Anguilla faced in the years 1840 – 1871 which heightened the resentment of the people to the forced union with St. Kitts. Queen Victoria was petitioned to dissolve the union and administer Anguilla as a British dependency (Direct Rule) Our ground was parched, our housed were raggedy. The book says the principle complaint was “a most galling and oppressive tax regime from St. Kitts; they tax our dogggs and all! We just couldn’t take it no more. The petitioners themselves observed, “That there is no land, so little known or cared for, and none so oppressed than Anguilla. Earlier on the book described the conditions in Anguilla in those days as “fit for little but goats.” Bradshaw and his group of Pin Heads / loony toons, long before his time did not help! Would not help, they never liked us. It was time, some one hundred and three years later; one man knew it was time, by his conviction, by the noble gift of being born on said despicable land mass which we all, as a people were supposed to be herded from to another plantation unknown, we defied the odds and rejected the order and stood with the rock, where even grass wouldn’t grow.

One man was enough to move a nation to act, an act some forty four years now, and excelling to tremendous heights, succeeding in our plight and prospering in our ways. Not even this region can yet understand the Anguillan story of ‘67 and account for what really happened. But obviously, we know! One thing that was way beyond our understanding was how the Lord feels about the liberation of Anguilla. At the honorable age of 85 years, still looking very well, standing strong and still well alert, still cognizant, still able to praise him, without doubt, we can say “God Bless Ronald Webster and God Bless Anguilla!!!!!”

By: eJ.harrisxm

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