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Sunday, 10 April 2011


Honorable Sir, You’ve been played a good ball? Is your team winning? The general consensus, that at the time of your election the mood of the country was right for change, the electorate, while hesitant and very reluctant gave you the right to rule. They placed their confidence in you to lead and be a guiding light. Your eye must be on the ball, and not to pick a fight. Play your game well; keep your rumble on, only time will tell. To be honorable is distinguishable; it bears on society by characterization and quality of representation on behalf of the nation. It is not an endorsement of ideology or political philosophy; it is bestowed by grace and humility on those fit to rule and discharge the reputable task of governing sensibly. As such one must be cognizant that any political office is temporary and the must be people first, such an office is only given to one they trust. Therefore, it is incumbent upon you to execute your authority with wisdom and dignity, in the interest of all the people, with humility.

Honorable Sir, did you know, the people trust you to lead on matter of concern and prestige? Have you placed their priorities right and analyzed the challenges ahead? Or have you set your very own agenda instead; what about our sovereignty? Does that require the confidence and assurance that such an issue is handled with the utmost caution and importance, or honorable sir, do you think that such an issue that characterizes a people, a proud people should be kicked around on the airwaves without seriousness, distinction and such emotion? Are you saying independence is what we should aspire, or this is for real, because it’s your desire. It must be so, Honorable Sir, that this island deserves your best; you must be mindful that we are watching you, what you say and even how you beat your chest. We’ve heard you say, you’re now ready to lead the way. So just be smart, and be wise, even if despised, remember, as leader with a very strong will, we are asking you to lead with wisdom and skill.

Is it so, Honorable Sir, that you chose to lead with without compromises, but from the point of governing, is that wise? You must ensure that you are right before you lead the way to a fight, and consider your next move carefully, for the good of the country. Honorable Sir, there is no doubt, that the British is very cautious about what they pay, but what does it mean to engage those that say, you are a man who wants everything your way! Some say you are a man of war, did you know, we are a territory under the rule of British Law! Do we have an option today? Or to be lead by what you say. And, did you know that we are governed by our constitution which we hold so dear? Why not adhere to the rules and allow no one to live in fear. Why not partner up with the Governor, bring some calm to the country and consider the fight over permanently. The budget is now signed, that’s now a memory; show us some skill, diplomatically, lead like a man with a strong will to make things right, and not to be always picking a fight. But no, here you go again, you want independence, which you know won’t be so, not in your life for sure, Did you ever think, it’s not about you, it’s about us, Honorably Sir, it’s the people first!!!!!!

So, it is fair to say, being our man of honor, we love you anyway! Trust in God before you say a word. Then speak with influence, being a man of substance; keep the controversy down as you go along, eventually we would all see, how effective governance spurs democracy. Where is that impulse that personifies your state of mind, even in your budget debate we saw some decline. The British asked you to cut you spending levels, instead you opted to tax. Why couldn’t you just lower your income, and all those that seem so high, and make sure that everyone gets a piece of the pie, let’s make sure that we don’t create a poor class again, because some of these salaries seem insane! Some too high to be taxed overall, while some too low to be taxed at all. We all should give back and try to get Anguilla back on track.

By: Elliot J. Harrigan 

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  1. Wasn't able to read the entire piece in depth, but I love the last two paragraphs. I hold a similar view. They are so true, and yet seem so far-fetched when you look at society.


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