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Saturday, 2 April 2011


In an earlier writing I emphasized how the various territories around us in some ways remain in a colonial state, whether that is the French Islands, the Dutch, the American or British Territories as we know them. As remaining territories of colonial Imperialism having to do with the order of submission, we accept, because of the reflection of royalty, and grandeur. As British Territories, we have been handed down disdain and ridicule of the British from some of our fore fathers who claimed that as a colony we were never part of the Royal Order and never treated as real sons and daughters of royalty, unlike many of the other territories who were always integral parts of their kingdom, we were never included in the nobility and splendor that characterizes the English. Rather we became victims of scorn and literal abuse as British Citizens; therefore we grew up as a society struggling to survive and never became an integral part British Society.

As children, the Queen always meant something to us we enjoy her Birthday and other British ceremonial forms, always curious about royalty, but never came close. As a people, we have since excelled and become an independent society, people that think for ourselves and have demonstrated the willingness to achieve in spite of adversity whether through, Her Royal Highness or anyone Presidential, we achieve by all means necessary, and that makes us indigenous Anguillian, and “proud to be Anguillian.” However, we remain British Subjects, and a Territory under British rule. The emancipation of humanity has liberated people and brought a sense of pride to the human being, this kind of equality has brought justice, where otherwise oppression would still rule. Because of that attained liberty colonial powers of the past have now sort to reconcile that deficit in equality, and have given us better access to autonomy; and so the British too has given its territories some degree of access to better dialogue on the platform of equality in aspects of nationalism, and nation building. We now have a seat at the table, let’s take our place, be wise and be humble. It is time, perhaps time for us as a people to give up the resentment and dislike for our colonial master and show some love, show some respect this time in our history, and say, “WHY NOT GENUINELY BRITISH” and still truly Anguillian.

Should we now forgive our masters and embrace our status as British Citizens with pride? Or should we continue to seek justice from unknown sources? As Dependent Territories of Britain it is time we accept who we are and embrace our nationality with pride, teach our children likewise, so we begin to emerge with confidence, and be who we really are. In fact, it is time for us as a people to adorn ourselves with the Majesty that emanates for the Royal Kingdom, having access through our special status, while we strive to become ourselves. We must be humble, and with dignity for now, live out our imperial state with the hope that in due time we will be a nation unto ourselves when we embrace our independence in spirit and in truth, because it is within our rights as a people to become who we are. Should we then surrender the hatred and evil against the British Kingdom? Forgive them for the unkind treatment of the past as we look ahead to a new day where we accept our rights with honor? And “Why Not Genuinely British?” Why can’t we be genuinely British and enjoy that culture as part of our own life style. Be a gentleman or lady like; we’ll never be genuinely American or French or Dutch, so let’s be who we are and be proud. It is not totally uncomfortable to have a cup of tea, or be modestly polite, these are some of the qualities known to be British. So let’s just accept who we are as British Citizens under the flag, AND WHY NOT, “GENUINELY BRITISH, AND TRULY ANGUILLAN?

By: Elliot J. Harrigan

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