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Friday, 15 July 2011

OBAMA SAID …………………….

The most charismatic leader of our times, and since Martin Luther King; is locked in tough discussions to bring America back. The world is watching how America handles its economic problems, no less affected than the world’s smaller communities. Faced with near disastrous consequence since 2008, the unemployment situation is unprecedented. It is said, that press reports do not nearly do justice to the real situation, and people are hurting terribly. Obama Said,Congress must work to resolve the burning issues the country faces to ensure that the people of America are prospering once again!” faced with a tough challenge from Republicans who are fighting to destroy his presidency, it is a real fight for the first Black president of America who met a country in serious decline. America’s debt is the major concern; but Republicans appear to be trying to clean up the actions of the Tea Party, after bursting on the scene quickly after Barack Obama took office. The Tea Party, overwhelmed with hatred for a Black President, disguised their actions with a sincere cry for the country to go back to the constitution, rein in spending and make government smaller. The Republicans now make the “Tea Party” relevant under the banner of America’s debt, in the age of Obama. Because of political correctness in America, the most extreme elements in the Tea Party and The Republican's far right fringe, are simply getting away with what is clearly an attempt to marginalize America’s first black president and see him fail, while playing a card of wild deception, labeling Obama as the president who wants to “spread the wealth around.” Obama said, “It is not fair.” I don’t need the hundreds of thousands of dollars you are asking me to keep; I want a “Bill” that protects the country and the poor people. This is tough stuff “We might as well eat our peas now”!!!!

America’s problem, magnifies what we face on Anguilla unimaginably but, one on one, it’s all the same, so, when Obama spoke about “Peas;” it brought the message home to me, and I actually equated the situation in Anguilla with that of “America!” It emphasizes hardship, simple put; we know what that means! And we love peas in any style. The significance of the message being, that the situation is serious whether it’s here or there, and has the potential of getting worse; “Let’s do the tough stuff now” to see progress in the future! Then I said, maybe, just maybe, the Honorable Jerome Roberts is correct! Why repeal the bill in the “House”, if the expectation is, we’ll have to revisit this situation again! Will the “Levy” imposed by this AUM government bring in the needed revenue to change the situation of the country? “Maybe we should eat our peas now!” No one expects our honorable Chief Minister intuitively, to make this case effectively enough and cause the opposition to withdraw their “Repeal” effort, but if they have been following the debate, they would capitalize on the apparent division in AUF’s position, with the former Chief Minister honorable Osborne Fleming supporting an amendment; and make that changes now, since it does not appear as though the opposition has the “titanium spine” to mass the population against the “Repeal.” “It is Obama who Said, Let’s do the tough stuff now”, is that for AUM to amend this “Bill” or for AUF to repeal it? Our Chief Minister relishes the idea that his opposition is kicked to the curb, while Obama is locked in deadly debate with “his” opposition, on his crisis. The Opposition of this country must be a viable partner in government, and a voice for the minority, and must be heard.

Our government must show empathy with the people, and come clean under present circumstances. If the debate on another MOU could result in the controversial ejection of the opposition leader form the House of Assembly, we must ask what the end result is. Did this passing mean jobs, jobs, jobs? Why would the speaker of the House take such drastic measures against a Representative of the people on such an issue? The actual concept of the MOU is an ideological shift of this government to depreciate standard practice which has work in the past for many years, the AUF’s “MOA,” actually produced meaningful project for the island and put our people to work. The MOU is still to rise to the threshold of success and producing jobs for the country. I understand that both are simply administrative tools with very little practical, legal difference. But I contend that there is a psychological difference, and any business man is bound to feel more relieved under a “MOU” memorandum of understanding, and would feel more compelled by a MOA “Memorandum of Agreement.” Understanding must be the antecedent in getting to a firm “agreement.” We must ask ourselves, why hasn’t the many MOU’s produced jobs yet?

By: Elliot J. Harrigan 

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