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Saturday, 30 July 2011


Considering the scope of individual endeavor, it is a matter of “will” that every one embraces their personal responsibility, often we seek to shift that responsibility on to others, and so we are quick to hold our political environment responsibility for of our state of affairs. In society, political leadership is always viewed as the responsible mechanism for social solutions, when in fact, much of our woes come from the conduct and state of our politics. Many believe that politics is a game, it is not! Politics is actually how society is influenced, and how the lives of people become different, our politics often determines whether or not the country excels or will endure hardship of any proportion. It all hinges on how the politics of the country influences the people. People must be free to engage and be political, that is how we shape our society and people must not be afraid to associate with those they feel are better models of influence, it is about creating an image of trust. How our politics appeal to reason and compromise is a major indicator of how our society is influenced, because people expect our political leaders to always have answers, and must always have an available option. When the brightest and best among us fail, we rely of good political decisions to solve the problems of society. One of those last resort options is compromise, which in fact often, makes the difference. The politics of the country must inevitably produce good and trusted leader, leaders with stability, leaders with good and accepted judgment, and leaders with a vision, so that the people have hope in the future. Leadership is about “the people" and not ideology, it all about the advancement and well being of “the people.”

The book “politics and people” referenced two great politicians of the past: A Queen and a President, it speaks of the British Queen Elisabeth 1 and how she reigned over a weak second rate power in the years 1558 to 1603. France and Spain were eager to make England part of their Kingdom and tried to lend the Queen’s hand in marriage to their prince. The Queen actually entertained both of them without a firm yes or a no; meanwhile she was very busy building up the defenses of England, especially the navy. Her interest was to build England into a mighty force. At the time when King Philip of Spain decided to attack England, the English navy was ready, fought the fight and won the war, that’s when England became the world’s greatest power and established colonies in the New World. At the time of Queen Elizabeth’s death, after a reign of 45 years, she had become England’s greatest queen and never married. Franklin Delano Roosevelt deliberately lowered his rank and become a very humble man as the President of The United States. Millions of Americans trusted him as if he were their father. At one point he was overheard placing a phone call to a Miss Perkins and identified himself as Frank. Miss Perkins replied Frank? I don’t know any Frank. Asked him, whom he was with? He chuckled and said, ‘With the United States, this is the President. He would accept calls at almost any time, even in his cabinet meetings from average people and interacted with people about the very common things. The story is that this President was a loving man who really cared about people; two different politicians with two different leadership styles.

Anguilla’s undeclared war with the British, as declared by Chief Minister Hughes might be an appeal for a popular uprising against the British. The people of Anguilla always seek new horizons and it might indeed be time to structure a new framework where our people enjoy more autonomy. No one expects that this would get done through means of insults and inappropriate statements coming from our Chief Minister. The appropriate arsenal in the hands of a politician is “A plan.” Average people expect their political leadership to always have a plan. After years and years of talk along these lines, it is probably time for our Chief Minister to table a plan of action. Representing our country abroad, it is not acceptable diplomatic language for our Chief Minister to diminish, or undermine us as a people; the objective should always be to make us, and our country look good. This now declared war is a well known chorus for many years which, seem to always come up at the junction of frustration. In politics, culpability is always the magnified lens through which the opponent advances their ideology, and therefore there must always be a target, there must always be blame, a strong political leader must have a plan, a plan to improve the image of the people, not to diminish us to objects of another land in dishonor and disrespect. It might be time for the people of Anguilla to rise up and dignify our character; maybe the views of the Chief Minister do not represent the majority of us. We are all well aware that the Chief does not enjoy an honorable position at the table of the British Government, but the established, hard and historic fact is, Anguilla is a British Territory and “the people”? Proud British citizen!!! WE have no desire to be either French or Dutch. We must stand up for our dignity as “British people, proud of our heritage, be proud of who we are!!!!”

By Elliot J. Harrigan

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