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Friday, 22 July 2011


The Government: The function of government in principle, is the embodiment of a systematic inclusion of all of the social elements composed in a structured form to guarantee the well being of the people. Government is first and foremost about the people of that society from which it emanates. The politics of society is a neutral framework from which society allows various groups who feel capable enough to manage the above network. The election process is a more complex organization that determines, and validates the preferred group. The process must be free of bias, of illegality and must emphasize validity. When the country goes through the election process and these procedures are followed, it must satisfy society that through a fair and faultless process emerged “the Government.”

The government now goes to work and is mindful that they are here, not to manage “the people” but those fundamental components that are geared towards making a difference, and improving the circumstances surrounding “the lives of the people.” It is a basic biblical principle that man is subject to God only, and he alone must one fear. It is also a general principle that one man rules over another to his hurt and that depends on the position he holds, that plays out in society under strategic order. But what we also see is how the principle of subjection and jurisdiction plays out. A policeman apprehends a common man for an unlawful act, and a judge and jury of his pairs may sentence him to death; in time, another man with that very uniform may very well apprehend that very officer for similar violation or act, and he may be subject to the same judgment from another judge sitting in that judgment seat. We often call that criminal justice, but in fact, it is justice according to our social order, often unfair, incorrect and uneven, but justified. The objective should never be the person, Judgment must come because of the violation of those principles we elected to live by, even with the division of the state “Church and State.” We “fare God only.”

The People: The common phrase; the last word belongs to the people, is very substantive and has very strong implications. And so the people must not be confused in believing that they control the government. That control was exercised and abdicated in a neutral choice in that fair and faultless process mentioned above. In that process, “we the people” gave “rights” to the government to administer, control and govern to make society better, and therefore the group you chose has the authority to perform without your interference. Society is largely civil, and orderly; we know this because those in isolation (prison) are much less than we free people. And such is the case when “the people” are not happy, there is an orderly process to communicate that dissatisfaction, for each of us to take turns and walk in the office of our Honorable Chief Minister and pound his desks saying we are not happy, is not civil; here is where other organized groups or even those who lost the vote in the process come into play. Composed under the very same principles, they function as a voice for a segment of the population in an orderly form. You may organize and discuss strategy and be lead, this is also called representation, and is part of the civil conduct of our society. This also weighs very heavily on society and comprises “the voice of the people”

The Country: Follow the principle, you would notice that there is really no complexity, plain and simple order. That is how society functions. Where we get disorder, is when we rebel against “order” and sometimes for good reason, often for the advancement of said society. But another element plays out here, which is called “good judgment,” judgment is entrusted to people who have proven able. According to the basic principle, our goal is to achieve “efficiency” Now! The politics of the country is fair game, because the system allows for winners and losers; almost winners and barely losers; here is where order gets disguised and we all are caught up in persuasion, influence, opinions, viewpoints and arguments. As a writer, a principle ethic is; if you don’t know the story, do not write it. So a major part of the task of a writer is reading and research, everything that provides information on that subject. You must compose your thoughts, and express the composed accurately as possible. If you have not done your research, stay away from being liable when you write, and if you are a writer you know how!

The Airport Incident: The incident of closure of Anguilla’s International Airport is one that should have been alarming to everyone. The first question which was most likely asked; “which party these guys from?” I found it very hard to comment because much is not known other than, through attempts by the Chamber’s of Commerce’s press conference. And it was noticeable that there was significant restraint in that conference not to place blame. Not once was the term government used, whether that signifies irrelevance or helplessness on the part of the Government, we don’t know. It also might have been an omission on the part of the Chamber’s spokesman. But government is relevant in these situations, as the framework speaks of above. It is a necessary and adequately responsible for government to inquire and report to the people the actions of the control men at the tower, and why they failed to execute their duties in that collective form, and in so doing, significantly damaged, and embarrassed the country, but not to go off on a tirade of any kind. Bear in mind, we are not to victimize the “people” our business is to ensure that society on a whole functions well for us all. The Chamber did not invoke the responsibility of the Minister whose portfolio the airport falls under. Being one of those prominent arms of society with neutral shared responsibility, looking out for the social-economic and commercial interests, and not under the umbrella of government; should not be viewed as protecting government from it responsibility or its deficiency in any form. It’s the role of government to investigate the actions of the control tower and provide the people with adequate answers. I contend, that not only the airport, but the systematic embodiment of our social network, is perhaps now, failing the people, shifting of blame in consequential matters as these, “Is troubling,” and represents the best case of “Principled Deficiency!!!!”

By Elliot J. Harrigan 

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