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Sunday, 17 May 2009

Let him come with clean hands

Mike Gapes is a British MP and chairman of the United Kingdom's Parliamentary Foreign Affairs Committee which has been examining the governance of the 14 Overseas Territories.

Mr. Gapes said on the 23 April 2008 following trumped-up corruption allegations after submissions made by Mr. Ian Donaldson Mitchell and Mr. Harry Wiggins: [1]

"On Anguilla the committee recommended the (UK) Government should encourage the Anguillian Government to introduce anti-corruption measures and to hold an independent inquiry into the allegations that the Ministers accepted bribes from developers."

The Government of Anguilla said they were 'not disposed to sanction a system of governmental accountability based on gossips, rumour and unproven innuendo'. They requested the Committee provide more evidence in relation to the allegations.

This is the said Ilford South Labour MP Mike Gapes who is alleged to claimed £22,291 ACA in 2007-8, but insists he has not claimed since giving up his rented Westminster flat in 2008.

He said he no longer expects taxpayers to foot the bill and backs calls for a review of the expenses system.

Equity said it best: if one wants to come into equity, let him come with clean hands… lol

Now with all this UK Parliamentary corruption exposed; Mitchell and Wiggins gone underground.

However, Palmovan surfaces!

I hope Brent realises that Obama had to denounce his spiritual leader.

We love you Brent however, analyse your associations carefully.

There are some unexplained coincidences.

Set of sleazes could be!

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