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Sunday, 27 May 2012


How many of us have walked into an arena and consciously concluded - "wow, this is Anguilla"? On average a person meets in their lifetime 68000 people. There are only 13000 of us on Anguilla therefore, and if this statistic holds true, it means that every one of us on average knows each other 5-times over. 

It means that we personally know our drug dealers; our druggies; our child molesters; our paedophiles; our rapists; our illegal brothels and whores; our bisexuals; our homosexuals... yes, we know them all. But so too, our police...

We know our Heads of Government Departments; Ministers of Government; our Restaurateurs; our other businessmen and women; our youth-gangs; our Police and ex-Policemen; our Customs and ex-Customs Officers; our brokers; our pilots; our boats captains and owners; our fishermen... all owned illegal firearm(s). Yes, we know them all... but so too, our police.

We know our next-door illegal immigrants; our burglars; our money launderers; our gunrunners; our tax evaders; our fraudsters; our white-collar criminals. Yes, we know them all... but so too, our police. 

We know our Politicians; our lawyers; our doctors; our counsellors; our bankers; our religious gangster-ministers; our murderers; our crooked officials... all misleading and corrupt. Yes, we know them all... but so too, our police. 

An analysis of data collected through a United Nations Survey indicates a median of approximately 300 police officers per 100,000 inhabitants worldwide. That's one police officer to 333 inhabitants. On Anguilla, that will be equivalent to just 39 police officers for our 13000 inhabitants. It means that we have two-thirds (2/3) useless Police Officers than most other territories. The United Nations recommends a minimum police strength of 222 per 100,000 people.
We all are doing a great job of police-cover on Anguilla... however useless indeed... because we are known 5 times over.

By: Wilful

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