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Sunday, 27 April 2014


My fellow Anguillians.

Now that I am a candidate in the next General Elections 2015; it’s time that you the electorate unite at roundtables to establish the kind of good government and governance that will create opportunities for all Anguillians - home and abroad; and discussions for the liberation and reconstitution of our beloved nation by entering a new stage of unity and trust in support of my campaign... your campaign.

I've watched helplessly, and felt your struggles under the hands of this Anguilla-Utter-Mess (AUM) incompetent dictatorship administration; applying all your means necessary to survive... while holding the firm conviction and stance of your legitimacy and legitimate concerns. Now you must speak with one one voice, one song, one accord.

Our way forward must be based on confidence, track record, materializing set objectives - a program mapped out which will serve the interest of all Anguillians. That over the years, before 2010, we as a people have the capacity and resolved, to firmly address real issues provided that we are given the opportunity to do so without destructive and selfish interference. That we will prove with confidence, that this knee-jerk, bloop, just-like-that, just-so administration was the kind of failed and costly experimentation we the taxpayers did not worth the shame.

Anguilla, You have suffered "Change". Not its essence of history and unavoidabilities necessary for survival which makes life worth living - wonderful even when it hurts or appears hard - that constant that cannot be moulded into a stagnant form. The change you have suffered was/is uncomfortable, neither good or therapeutic. And that is this AUM Administration, "the kinda pregnancy legal to abort - the childbirth you must avoid come 2015 and beyond!"

Democracy is all about fully embracing and accepting the choices we made, with the unfettered right to a free choice every 4-5 years. It's that choice we sometimes, for whatever reason, take and then realize that choice and change are not necessarily one and the same, but that both are inevitable. The reality is that where there is uncertainty in the midst of an eventuality, you must never mistake a clear view for a short distance. The "choice of change" is always yours... but not necessarily the "change of choice". And this shows that despite how corrupt, ungovernable, inept or incompetent a government is (like our present government), it's your choice you made which keeps them in power!  

The new-AUM, on Botox
The 2015 general elections must be more than a "mare" choice, my fellow Anguillians... a choice that even the candidates themselves if given self as such a choice, will not choose. Our change ahead is inevitable, not a mere choice... the change of a rightful government we deserve as a once respectful and envied nation - rightfully now a laugh-at-stock!  

For this election, my fellow Anguillians, a Vote for New AUM, is simply "a change for the other cheek of the same asshole!" - with or without the doctor administering his Botox!

By: Realist Spikenice
Candidate against the Anguilla Utter Mess (AUM)

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