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Friday, 5 June 2015


Both are makeshift crafts loaded with black people... the one on the left is out of pure desperation and necessity... the one on the right is a condoned and irresponsible act by law enforcement authorities on Anguilla.

The one on the left represents hundreds of migrants and asylum seekers fleeing Libya, where hundreds have reportedly drowned after their boat capsized in the Mediterranean. This take to the sea is a direct aftermath of an US-led military operations for regime change in Iraq, Libya and Syria - unrelenting military offensive by imperialist powers over two decades has plunged the Middle East and large swathes of Africa into chaos and conflict... and as the chickens come home to roost, many perished along the way.

The one on the right is a disgrace... simply irresponsible behaviour allowed by the authorities on Anguilla for almost a decade now. This makeshift-craft was never built or equipped, retrofitted (number of life-jackets, medical facility and personal etc.), or licensed to carry passengers... moreover, that Anguilla's sea and rescue management is practically unfit-for-purpose.

These are the kind of illegal activities... serious health and safety risk... and a disaster in the waiting, that the authorities on Anguilla allowed. It must stop now. This continued irresponsible stupidity is not simply through the lack of laws on Anguilla, but rather a neglect, in the interest of unprotected-fun, irrespective to the potential lost of lives. I am sure that laws and regulations are in place. Can you imagine the suits from this impending disaster? Even those witnessing such a disaster can sue for shock.

Both acts are desperations... though one is out of necessity... and the other is purely a fantasy. I'm hoping that our new Commissioner of Police will enforce a legal and commonsense approach going forward.

Anguilla, we must be bold... It's time that we take responsibility head on... and avoid this inevitable disaster. And yes, it happens once a year too much!

... remember... what sweet in goat mout' will sour in his bam-bam!

By: Realist Spikenice

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