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Sunday, 16 August 2015


The Commonwealth comprises 53 countries (including one currently suspended member), across all six inhabited continents. The members have a combined population of 2.1 billion people, almost a third of the world population, of which 1.17 billion live in India and 94% live in Asia and Africa combined.

After India, the next-largest Commonwealth countries by population are Pakistan (180 million), Nigeria (170 million), Bangladesh (156 million), the United Kingdom (63 million) and South Africa (52 million). Tuvalu is the smallest member, with about 10,000 people, just after Anguilla, with roughly 14,000 souls.

There are currently two United States insular areas with the status of commonwealth, the Northern Mariana Islands and Puerto Rico.

The Commonwealth realm is a sovereign state that is a member of the Commonwealth of Nations, which has Queen Elizabeth II as its reigning constitutional monarch, and has a royal line of succession in "common" with the other realms.

Now... we understand the "common" part there. But... we are a bit confused about the "wealth" part. And given that we all are in this together... why don't we have common citizenship - like all the other common territories. Guess there is nothing soo common about us.

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