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Friday, 20 February 2009

Mad as hell, Anguilla’s Chief Corruption Tsar assaults Realist.

Anguilla’s Chief Corruption Tsar, (IDM) ‘In-Dementia-Mode’ or ‘Corrupt-de-Don’, recently as of Saturday, February, 14th, confessed that he is “Mad as Hell”; before assaulting Realist Spikenice and causing criminal damage. A resolution for 2009 was to avoid In-Dementia-Mode and his gossip column or imprudent blog; and to that end, I have not mentioned nothing thereof since September 1st 2008, in response to his confession of Thursday, August 14, 2008: “Don’t trust me, I am a lying idiot; economical and a distortionist of truthfulness.”

This comes as no surprise since this narcissistic refugee-wimp has done nothing else but continuously brings shame and embarrassment to a people, their government and a nation on a whole. Though retired, this ungrateful Nincompoop - whom we sheltered, fed and clothed - is the biggest idiot out of the Anguilla legal fraternity and worse yet, as a retired Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court Judge - there must have been a litany of Miscarriages of Justice in his trailed.

Though not a supporter of any one political grouping on Anguilla, I respect my government whomever they are, and despises this disgraced substandard kittitian Mutt or Dalmatian’s senile fear mongering attacks on our nation with the biggest myth in politics called accountability and good governance; simply to align himself and clean his stained hands. As a consequence, I have vowed to remain uncompromisingly merciless against this puke’s innuendoes, distortions and plans to veil behind a nation’s mishaps, apparent corruptions or misfortunes he once calculated or inadvertently contributed.

This worst case survival of an unsuccessful-abortion’s anger, stems from my persistence and love for contradicting his integrity and vast loose filth spewed at our intelligence about our beloved tranquil Anguilla - where feeling is believing; and its civilization. My concerned was/is the overall detrimental impact this spewed highly toxic muck will have on the Anguilla’s tourism based fragile single economy and it potential irreparable harm; not to mention our potential investors.

As a result, anything or anyone intelligently contradicting the QC’s (questionable character) gobbledygook is disqualified as ‘mentally ill and banned correspondent’ Realist Spikenice’s - an attempt to satisfy his denial of full-blown Dementia.

In-Dementia-Mode - an unplanned fertilization, a reconciliation-exchanged of gifts (orgasms); a metamorphosis for which a calm masturbation would have done justice to the food-chain and our environment on a whole.

I have tried my best in avoiding libel or slander to his person, only asking pertinent questions whereby, his person or business may had knowingly, unavoidably or inadvertently associated itself, at such time of specific alleged corruptions on Anguilla and the Caribbean on a whole. Namely: the ‘BCCI’ (Bank of Credit and Commerce International) Financial Scandal of 1990 - where Pakistani bankers operating out of England defrauded thousands of depositors; and ‘Operation Dinero’, a major money-laundering sting operation involving American and British authorities, seizing over nine tons of cocaine and hundreds of millions in cash and assets and over one hundred and sixteen arrests were made including a wealth of data on worldwide drug operations; around that same period.

My questions were specific and direct: Where were you Mr. Corrupt-de-Don? Were your law firm involved? And, were you involved in any such money racketeering associated?

One prominent Anguillian Attorney cried-out from the woods in the forest on Anguilla as she confessed how she had warned about such perceived corruptions at the time in question. And though had the opportunity to indulge, refuses on moral grounds and kept clean. She later confessed that she and her niece did sleep with Wadadli… instead.

However, Anguilla’s Chief Corruption Tsar justified his actions this way: “I had many clients who needed licences and permits. I helped them by advising them of their rights and of the procedures under our law. I made the application for them. Then, I left it to the Administration to apply their laws and policies. I expected them to be impartial and fair. I never once approached a Minister of Government for a favour of any kind.”

A perfect lawyer’s way of justifying amoral acts or corruption. But is our Chief Corruption Tsar, (IDM) ‘In-Dementia-Mode’ or ‘Corrupt-de-Don’ corrupted?

This is the said judge who ruled against a minor, who alleged a grizzly raped by an Antiguian former Prime Minister (the Rt. Hon. Lester Bird); simply because our well respected and admired Attorney, then Joyce Kentish, was a few minutes past deadline for filing her documents, in an Antigua Court in 2003. Such paedophilic and/or molestation acts should not have been made or look to have escaped justice – “Justice should not only be done, but should manifestly and undoubtedly be seen to be done.”

Corrupt de-Don raped every loophole in Anguilla’s fragile legal system and skirted every opportunity to advise our leaders’ incompetence then. Now, this unscrupulous envious loser who has all his life gained favoured opportunities is back dabbing anyone in his way with his signature-brush… corruption.

Now read his posting of February 16th, and conclude for yourself if this vermin’s interest is advancing the youths of Anguilla to achieve greatness.

His parents’ mistake was not to masturbate.

Mad as hell…

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