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Sunday, 17 May 2009


Anguillians undoubtedly need to turn to their Almighty God in prayer to ensure that our plans and priorities are rooted in His will. Psalm 32:8: “I shall instruct you and teach you the way to go.”

In the 'Purpose Driven Church', Rick Warren uses a surfing analogy – “It is not our responsibility to make waves, but to recognise how God is working in the world and join Him in the endeavour.”

One adored charismatic politician once said to me, “Never underestimate the intelligence of the electorate”. He then went on to say that the will of the people is the will of God, and Politicians are often the Pawns in the game of politics… not necessarily the players.

Democracy guiding philosophy is that people should have decision-making power in proportion to how much they are affected by the decision. I must be honest with whom I chose as my caretaker for the future advancement of Anguilla… and so should you.

This is why for my choice for continued leadership and stability for taking Anguilla forward is grounded in the Anguilla United Front Government (AUF).

In a dream world I envisage such governance for Anguilla:

  • Mr. Colville Petty
  • Hon. Ms. Keesha Webster
  • Hon. Mr. Mc-Neil Rogers
  • Hon. Mr. Victor Banks (Chief Minister)
  • Mr. Rodney Rey
  • Hon. Mr. Edison Baird
  • Ms. Sharon Richardson

In an Anguilla reality there is no alternative but an AUF Government.

Elections must mean more than just a slogan called ‘change’ or ‘trading places’. The Anguillian electorate have long come to the realisation that political-catchphrases are borderless and infinite; and a distant relative to pragmatism.

We are not surface deep.

For this simple reason, I am not prepared to danger or risk gambling Anguilla’s future with ‘re-colonist racist influences’; misguided; disingenuous; unpatriotic; unqualified; financially-starved and ill-prepared candidates for leadership.

It’s time we put political childishness and personal differences aside and unite for a continued strength and endurance. It’s not the time to auction your children’ future to visionless and clueless bidders.

I strongly believed that the quality of a leader is reflected in the standards they set for themselves and not simply sufferers of self-impotence syndromes.

We have done it right for over 40 years and I have never underestimate your intelligence.

You have the decision making power.

Don’t ‘vote-for-cup’.

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