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Friday, 1 May 2009

IDM (In-Dementia-Mood)

Where were you when we needed you most I cried, with tears flushing from my eyes.

In the prime of your life you refused to sacrifice - to a people, a nation desperate for advice.

Fearlessly you robbed, you cheated, you’ve abused every loophole for years untold. You’ve ill-gained, oh! - how insane we must have been.

Your potential partner-in-crime said no, I refused to go through that door – I am in love with Wadadli, and with him I must be.

A perceived outstanding leader was you, from a queue we see, excellent you will be.

You sowed and sowed, luckily you are back at our door. You ruled and caused chaos while afar - but not in my nation poppa.

Like Swine-Flu - sick to a threatened pandemic... a new strain on familiar terrain. A colonial plan in your unclean hands... to control our blessed land.

Though think we are blinded and fast asleep, we are destined to defeat.

In the end my friend, to God you must repent - but I am sure he is not even your friend.

It must be hell here living in this Lion’s Den.

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