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Thursday, 21 May 2009


Individuals who are willing to take on responsibility, regardless of title or role, must know that moving forward involves initiative; clean hands; confidence; vision; commitment; taking dedicated action; an artistic quality and encouraging others.

The challenges and opportunities of today’s marketplace require prepared leadership with clarity, confidence and efficiency to take us forward. We strongly believed that the quality of a leader is reflected in the standards they set for themselves and not simply sufferers of self-impotence syndromes.

Unpatriotic, sleazes, unqualified, ill-equipped, disorganization and traits of a tribalistic-disposition have plague democracy on Anguilla for too long now.

This petition is a first in a movement to elect qualified and dignified men and women in an aim to select competent leadership on Anguilla

This will ensure that the work of the People is properly done and done properly.

Mr.Rodney Rey (past school principal and retired Permanent Secretary) is an excellent example of Integrity in public service. He is knowledgeable, dedicated, and has performed with distinction.

The whole of Anguilla respects Mr. Rodney Rey. Let Mr. Rodney Rey know that we cherished his commitment to Anguilla’s continued success.

The first 150 Anguillians to sign this petition by May 31, 2009, may empower Mr. Rodney Rey to represent us in the Road South Constituency in 2010.

Anguilla needs Mr. Rodney Rey.

Sign this petition now and encourage others!


  1. I do echo that statement myself, but the QUESTION IS WHERE would he be running. I think that Mr.Rey is one of the GREATEST teachers that is had for a very long time, he is a VERY caring person who is interested in helping people make a better in their lives.

  2. I too will endorse Mr. Rey in government. These are the kind of people we urgently need in Anguilla Government to take us forward.

  3. I endorse Mr. Rey for minister of Social Services. Only then will Anguilla get straight

  4. With this government, the island gone to the dogs.

  5. Mr. Rodney Rey any day.

  6. Rodney even aint interested. These are the men we need to drag into politics on Anguilla. We need you Mr. Rey.

  7. This school will be one of change.... not the slogan.

  8. I love this. Wonder if Mr. Rey knows how much Anguilla needs him though. We want you Mr. Rey!

  9. We love you Mr. Rey. Though you may think that you don't want to get into this mess; we need you.


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