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Thursday, 14 October 2010


Anguillians have fully embraced their choice, and by now realise that choice and change are not necessarily one and the same, but that both are inevitable. The choice of change is always yours... but not necessarily the change of choice. This choice of change has seen Anguillians’ patience twinkled away as their burdens continue to be overwhelming under an irresponsible Circus Parade.

Anguilla face with huge economic challenges and unemployment has opt for political uncertainty, diminish investor’s confidence, tourist decline, racial tension and insecurity, victimisation and open corruption, disrespect, a serious void on intellectual clarity … in fact a total disregard to good governance - a change to empty promises and failed policies from a confuse and incompetent lame duck Hubert Hughes’s administration - diminishing Anguilla’s status and real chances to create something stronger - a foundation that has served as the rock on which dreams have been founded.

Sadly this circus of animals unleashing madness (AUM) and its scary clowns focuses not on strengthening the fundamental elements every community needs to thrive: maintaining local law and order, precedents and conventions - bringing the best medical practitioners to provide reliable healthcare - and attracting top educators to build on our educational system that will give our children the best chance to succeed… a chance they deserve most.

Over 200 days of circus games and these failures left no doubt and exposed an arrogance in our current brain-dead circus-master - a detachment from the lives of real people they claimed to champion, and an indifference to the consequences for the least fortunate… an end result of visionlessness which can only erode our nation’s foundation and weaken our tenacity to advance – a recommitment to Anguilla’s most cherished ideals.

We cannot afford to wait until “half-time” if we are to rebuild as a nation in the wake of the global worst economic crisis and get Anguilla back on course, as there will be no living spectator left for these steroid clowns to entertain.

The game result is inevitable… Anguilla stands to lose.

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  1. Too true and so sad for our country, I am afraid. These people seem to think that if they speak mistruths often and loud enough, and coat them with rable rousing rhetoric, they beoome truths. They seem to think Anguillians are too stupid to see the bare and unsavory facts through their shouting. I just hope this is wrong, and peole will soon wake up to realize the AUM is throwing away the only jars left in teh cupboard (and they are borrowed ones too)!


“Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity” – MLK.