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Sunday, 24 October 2010


In a democratic society, politics must be viewed as the means through which our civil recourse is preserved. While politics is as simple as a competition between interested groups or individuals for power or leadership in a government or other groups, it is much more a science or art in governing. It probably remains a sport until the polls are closed. On Anguilla, we are very clear about the competitive nature of our politics, and as a small but intensely political society, anyone is able to contest an election and win; the virtue of the game changes when one is entrusted with governing. The Science or art of politics is a requirement in the function of government (quote) “Politics is a science or art of guiding or influencing government policy, the science or art of winning and holding control over a government.” This definition is clearly more challenging than that of a competition between groups. We have heard the term over and over just in the past few months, “the election is over it time to govern.” It’s an absolute must for any political group competing for power at the polls to understand that when the election is over, when the election is won, the game changes. The governing process must begin irrespective to how your opponent feels or acts, you now have the responsibility to govern.

A crisis is now brewing with the elected AUM government, consistently engaged in the competitive sense. They have won the election and beaten their competitors at the polls, and there is no need to carry on the rivalry, “game over” time to get scientific. AUM went into office with very bitter emotions over the performance of the previous AUF government. Their intentions were to enforce the excessive rhetoric of the campaign, accusing the former government of every evil under the sun, and clearly lost the focus of the task at hand, ignoring the mandate the people had given them and the reason why they entrusted government in their hands. It is now closing in on one year and all we got from this government is a steady stream of controversies with every department of government and now the Governor’s office as well. What is the real objective of this kind of meddling, especially with entities that are functioning exceptionally well? One would have to conclude that the objective is to undo the work that was done by AUF in the interest of the people of Anguilla.

Sometimes it appears that the people of Anguilla are somewhat abstract from the day to day functioning of government, but the people expect their government to perform after they have done their part. In all fairness, the Anguillian electorate is a very excited people around election time; they cast their vote with determination to get a winner; precious time is being lost, and the country suffers because of the status core. Our government must minimize the blunders and get on with a steady agenda, be more tactical and artful. Apply more conventional wisdom and a more scientific approach to influence the policies they want enacted. Apply more art and science in your politics this is necessary to hold on to the control of government. In the absence of a more tactical strategy, it is inevitable that you will lose influence and in turn lose the reins of power that you hold. To summarize, attention must be paid to the excessive levels of frustration in the process of governing. Good politics maintains a level of influence that will guide the policies of government and must be always in tune with the science or the art of winning and holding control over government, because when politics fail, there is a breakdown of law and order in society. It is usually, when politics fail that’s when groups riot and make their point by force. When politics fail nations go to war as a result.

By: ejharrisxm

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