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Saturday, 9 October 2010

“OUR CONSTITUTION” our rights, our privileges

A significant portion of our Constitution is taken up with protecting the fundamental rights and freedoms of the people of Anguilla. We would never know this, if we are listening to the public debate on the matter. Every time reference is made to this most valuable document it is in opposition to aspects that have to do with the execution of authority or aspect s of the power structure it endorses. Fortunately or unfortunately we as a very small society still lives under the reigns of a monarchy. Unlike the Americans who actually live by their constitution; even the President, indeed being a powerful figure, on a normal day is just another ordinary man of that society because under their constitution all men are created equal. As a people, we have entrenched rights and freedoms bestowed upon us by the provisions in our constitution as we know it. It is so structured that much of the authority is left in the hands of the Governor indeed, who is actually not a figure head but an actual person embracing all the function and royalty of the monarchy. The exercise of these powers by the Governor is only symbolic; Her Majesty reserves these powers to herself, in our interest. We must become more acquainted with these fundamental rights and freedoms; we must embrace our constitution with better purpose understanding our rights, privileges, and protections provided in the document.

Provision for the effective functioning of a government elected by the people for the people of Anguilla is also a primary focus of the document. One would quickly notice the limitations which is the bone of contention today. To use the struggle to attain more power simply to enforce desire and influence is to create an uneven society especially to embolden radical concepts; in its self is a danger to the country. It is a futile argument to state that the civil service is not subdued and not compliant and makes that a reason sufficient for reform, which does not command broad support. Neither is it plausible to want to minimize oversight and allow a free hand of selfish rule! An attempt by the previous government claimed that they were constrained in their executions of good governance due to the rapid rate of economic growth, and they were limited by the lack of sufficient ministerial power to assist in the execution of effective government, seemingly a more rational argument. The division of powers is crucial for maintaining our democracy. We must view the civil service as the technicians as they are. In other countries the civil service is so manipulated it encourages corruption and they cannot service the country with the technical expertise that is required and technical assistance is regularly provided from outside. In Anguilla it appears that our civil service core is highly educated and qualified to administrate the country, unless if you are listening to our government who makes it appear as though we have an uncooperative thug group still feels loyal to the previous government.

Amendments to the constitution must not be motivation by party interest; but by concerns of the people as an extension of their rights and freedoms. Amendment is necessary to ensure empowerment and advancement of the country, weather that’ll be for full internal self government towards independence or advancing our administrative powers to ensure that the people are more secured politically, socially and economically. Empowering our leaders to demonstrate arrogance and stupidity in the name of democracy is not in the best interest of the people. The people must be the pioneers of their own future, and a majority of the population must speak to this. So far, there is no out cry, and if the process can be done by political empowerment it should still require the full and unequivocal support of a majority of the people of Anguilla, who up to this point have not shown any enthusiasm for the subject.


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