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Sunday, 10 October 2010


As we watch this government in action it reflects a period in our history when we looked through a glass darkly. The distinct difference in command and attitude raises the question of territorial preeminence, where one group wants absolute Jurisdiction over territory gained. The election of 2010 brought a clear distinction in the characteristics of two governments which must be defined in the interest of the electoral landscape of the island. What we have here is a new government structuring a philosophy in governance to bring distinction of character in the performance between them and us, a work in progress which must be defined quickly with due process otherwise this experiment will plunge our island into utter chaos.

With due respect, and tolerance of the electorate, we all are quite in favor of allowing The Honorable Chief Minister Mr. Hubert Hughes the time necessary to gather his focus with the understanding that he is poised to execute adequate leadership for the island. But patience is running out even with stanch supporters of his government. There is no time for experimental exercises, nor the practice of default democracy. Government must begin to execute the will of the electorate; and that is to govern the country well for the good of the people. Time is actually running out very quickly for this government to bring clarity to the business of governing. Lame excuses on a weekly basis while having a repeat of some memorable lines and figure of speech is not enough, people want action. Since I mentioned action this word might have been misconstrued and taken out of context by recent actions of government when the order of business between the Governor and the Chief minister was miss interpreted with a willful attempt to call to arms militia elements, including those with in the prison system to intimidate, bringing the island back into a moment in history.

There is clearly a radical disposition here, weather it is a lack of wisdom or simply a very care free attitude how the rule of law is applied or how this government interprets the law in the performance of government. If guided by the latter, it must be understood that loose cannons are with out target and strikes anywhere at anytime but with collateral damage and if radicalism is the root cause of this disorder, we must be advised that as much as there are a some who wants to re in-act the events of 1967 for the thrill, we must be reminded that Anguilla has already passed that stage in our history and is governed by the rule of law. But clearly, recent events have brought a clear distinction in characteristics in governments, and the people of Anguilla must chose between radicals and moderates. Recent actions have shown disdain for law, order and rule poisoning the political landscape and clearly jeopardizing the future outlook of the country, while imposing on the electorate that clear choice,” moderates and extremists.”


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