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Friday, 14 September 2012


National Flag of Anguilla (Dolphins)
I, Carl PROVENZAL of Water Swamp, a belonger of Anguilla, business owner, with no political nor animal activist motives, was alerted through hundred of critics in blogs, internet sites, travel forums, emails and newspapers from here and Sint-Maarten relevant to our newly opened facility Dolphin fantasy/discovery in Blowing Point. How can we move forward on a project if so much people are against it? Some people were mentioning the symbol of our three dolphins representing unity, strength, endurance, and obviously freedom, a certain pride, now enclosed and captive and displayed at first sight where visitors arrive. Being concerned, I took it upon myself to research and verify some of the many crucial statements being written.

1. I WISH we had a real public meeting, involving all parties and not only the ones concerned in Blowing point. A fair chance should be given to the public in order to voice out and decide on this national matter. We deserve a presentation of the benefits and of the negative impacts on the location and more knowledge on the international reviews on this type of business for Anguilla.

2. I WISH more investigations were made on the Environmental Impact statement presented twice to the Government of Anguilla in 2007 and 2011, and twice, after reviewing the document, the Anguilla National Trust did express concerns on many points which were not taken in consideration for the approval of the business license and construction.

3. I WISH the business case with a location in Blowing Point was the best of choice. Business wise, for Anguilla, this project is very poor, due to its location and will not meet the need for more sightseeing, more car rentals, more taxi hired, more tours, restaurant and hotel stays. As our Sustainable Master Tourism Plan indicates, we must intensify and extend the stay of our visitors in order to increase the income per visitor which is opposite of what will be happening. The site needs to be relocated so all the tourism actors can benefit from it and Anguilla on a whole.

Busy ferry boat terminal at Blowing Point, just a few feet 
4. I WISH we did not hand over one of the only two beachfront accesses of Crown land patrimony, stated as national parks and available for the public recreational use. Sandy Point and its public land have a history of Anguillians family reunions, with picnicking and swimming on this beach. It is an Anguillian heritage. A lease or purchase agreement from private parties would have been more beneficial, which would suggest a real involvement by Dolphin Discovery in Anguilla to preserve our public area for the Anguillian community.

5. I WISH the project was not so close to our main port of entry, involving oil, fuel, waste and noise which will trigger visitors’ attention as tourists will ask if the dolphins are safe near the port, especially being downward from it. Questions bring other questions and other topics and create blogs and more discussion, affecting Anguilla image on a short and long term. I wish the Environmental Impact statement made to allow the project to be constructed at Sandy Point was covering something regarding the living conditions of the dolphins near the port, which would have satisfied concerns of the critics.

6. I WISH we did not allow a business activity involving live animals next to the future expansion of our port facility and creation of a marina with 125 boats capacity, and construction of hotel and stores planned for 2015 (described in our Sustainable Master Plan of tourism) which will increase the doubts about the safe location for the dolphins during construction and during normal day operation.We worked on the master plan of tourism after the 2007 attempt for Sandy Point.Why we did not plan a better location knowing about the port and marina project? And then reacted in 2011. Since no kind of report or assessment about the pollution effect on the dolphins has been requested, there is to this date no kind of information which could confirm the well being of the dolphins next to a very active port involving waste and other agents. The project is not viable next to a much polluting port.

His Excellency the Governor - 
Royal and vice regal Flag of Anguilla (Dolphins)
7. I WISH some research was done on market trends and public opinion worldwide toward capture, entertaining and trade of dolphins/Orcas,which our main high-end visitors are against to.It has been dramatically highlighted in recent years with people and governments speaking out more to protect these mammals. The dolphin in captivity business is banned in many countries already and in process to be a general motion for every country on behalf of our environment. Organizations and scientists have increased public awareness, largely due to the internet but also more films and documentaries, directors and producers, news and award shows are donating their time to speak out through public service announcements and ad campaigns against animal abuse.

Government of Anguilla
Coat of Arms (Dolphins)
How will we be impacted in 2012/2013, when the economy is still struggling, as we open new doors and expose ourselves to negative publicity? Our niche market of mid and upper market customers are now more ECO-TOURISM oriented. Will this stain our image knowing the market we need? Will opening this type of business attract exposure as Anguilla supporting animals in captivity from an international standpoint?

8. National Sustainable Master Plan of Tourism 2010/2020: “We are a premier Caribbean destination” “cultural heritage and environment” “Anguilla must reinforce its position in the market as an exclusive, high quality beach destination but differentiated from competitors through its offering of a unique holiday/vacation experience in a natural environment, and its distinct cultural heritage”.The product must reflect a 5 Stars experience which means increased investment in all aspects of the tourism product.”

Therapeutic... PRICELESS!
... for every thing else there is the MasterCard!
The Five stars experience involve very known persons of the world of finance, of the media, actors, entertainers, singers, politicians, businessmen, those with assets coming freely or sometimes invited to upscale Anguilla image.They could view our entrance to our country as a pictorial representation of a Swim with the Dolphins in Captivity. Our customers are the ones campaigning against what we are about to push forward. The type of business, the quality of its presentation and location can alert these V.I.Ps and provoke a reversed result.The way it’s been explained, the way the business is designed right now is a win situation for Dolphin Discovery and a highly potential risk for our image. The day they walk out, we are the ones facing the blames and critics, just like in 2007. As written in the Sustainable Master Plan for Tourism, Anguilla has built its clientele by word-of-mouth those who come here, for years referred by friends and families, word-of-mouth is the main source of our existing advertising/marketing strategy. We must be aware of our dependency on this type of tourism, mid and high end, and we should be very careful on the way we want Anguilla to be seen. We cannot afford to gain 15 jobs on Blowing Point and lose 100 jobs in our high-end tourist products, and slowly drift down to worst times. It is understood that the sale of 2 properties of Cul de Sac, were cancelled due to the approval of the dolphin project, which is roughly a loss of USD 500.000 to USD650,000 for transfer tax revenue. Consequences will arise more and more.

Japanese fisherman haul slaughtered dolphins from
the bloodied water in Taiji Cove  
9. SOLUTIONS: The idea of this appeal is to avoid Anguilla having to suffer from the criticism from visitors or international press, and presenting a more efficient, “Thought it through project benefiting Anguilla, at an environmental and educational level. We need a better and more upscale Swim with Dolphins program.The proposed solution would be to accept this business in Anguilla with conditions and drastic changes. Relocated to a wider site, deeper site, with more interaction with a larger natural site where dolphins will be in ECO-FRIENDLY surroundings, enabling a more natural type of encounter which could fit our market and have it be seen as a “Green” solution matching the Sustainable Master Plan for Tourism. Also, more cultural presentations with a firm and sincere financial involvement from Dolphin Discovery to support the protection of our local species and other natural sites. This will be seen as very proactive and as a victorious decision for the government of Anguilla, and of course Anguilla as a whole. Dolphins Discovery Caribbean Properties are investors and will generate heavy income in Anguilla. We must obligate them to have a proper project in place fitting our needs, the market needs and the Dolphins needs.

Revolutionary Flag of Anguilla (1967 - 1969)... still
accepted as the official (to be) flag of Anguilla - (Dolphins) 
We could brand ourselves and gain much needed positive publicity, being seen as an island respecting the environment and its habitats. Reviving our mid class tourism forward to Eco-friendly activities and sightseeing. Anguillians would be respected throughout the world, for the efforts we make towards the turtles protection, the national bird, our associations with sailing, and implementation of environmental impact studies on each and every building projects coming along. Anguilla must be a pioneer in environmental decisions in order not to repeat others mistakes and be a mentor for other islands. We started we an agreement on renewable energy with Anglec, and we need to continue. Until then, each day we operate this business in Sandy Point, each day is a risk for us to have very bad publicity. Much more jobs can be created by a “clean project”, it is still time to react and do the right thing.

I was not involved in the early negotiations but I was surprised by the approved license last month, then the beginning of business operation few days later, then of the public announcement about the possibility to appeal? A situation very confusing and complicated. This letter might not be strong enough and persuasive for the Government of Anguilla to reconsider the grant of license but I know that I have done my part in this process to find a better solution. I wish the people of Anguilla had a chance to be informed rightfully with correct information about the possible consequences of such activity on our image, so we could decide fairly on this national matter and educate ourselves about the negative and positive consequences. I fully understand the risks standing up to powerful entities. As soon I started seeking for more information and seek for a dialogue I was warned not to bring attention by this state of affairs, but my position in expressing disapproval is not for personal interest or gain. We are all free to express our doubts on matters involving the future of a nation. The Respect to each other and to our environment is now a matter of survival. Once we know better we can act better, and the ones not reacting and able to get it right and refuse to, will be held responsible. “If You learn late, you pass it on to people so they can learn early, it is step process” - Russel Simmons

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  1. I am not an animal activist, but I am a frequent visitor to Anguilla. I was ashamed and disappointed to see that Anguilla has caged dolphins for the quick thrills of tourists. Anguilla should certainly rise above problematic ventures of this sort. The local people and concerned visitors should speak out and guide those in government so that they can avoid disasters of this sort. Perhaps some boatmen of Anguilla should organize tours to take people out to sea, so that they might see dolphins and other creatures in their natural habitat. The dolphin center is an eyesore that, unfortunately, can't be missed when approaching the Blowing Point ferry.


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