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Saturday, 22 January 2011


Our political discourse is now driven by anonymous forces whether that’ll be persons calling in on the many radio talk shows or those utilizing the social sites available to carry on a conversation or make a statement, either way these people prefer to be heard and not seen. The social media site axareality is actually a direct link to Anguilla politics. In recent weeks there is a constant cry from activists utilizing this site saying “WE WANT THEM OUT” Obviously a cry like this would most likely not be heard nor take seriously because of the nature of the site, here activists post their opinions and comments which are largely not in favor of the performance of this government and reflects the frustration being experienced on the island. Such postings and commentary should not be dismissed because they reflect growing opinions of people who want their message out with anonymity.

We all must be careful not to dismiss calls from AUM for independence. While this might not reflect a popular opinion it has stimulated serious discussion in recent weeks. It must be noted that such a call will indeed take on significance and must be treated with a degree of seriousness coming from a sitting Chief Minister. Considering that AUM is a force in our political discourse today, such a call would resonate. AUM won the last election and therefore they command a significant following. AUF as the next legitimate political force on the island must equip its self with a trustworthy alternative for the people because the current atmosphere on the island will damage AUM and its political credibility simply because the way this appeal is handled is indicative of a group clutching for straws and not taking the business of government serious. Present calls 'to get them out' are reactionary because this government has failed in its execution of governing and has embarked on a direction that has not come before the people in any form. AUF must oppose the independent call not from an opposition standpoint but pure logic. There is reason to acknowledge that independence is an option in the final analysis, but not just yet. But AUF must not make the same mistake as AUM by inciting the public in open campaign on an issue that has not met minimum scrutiny in judgment, recognizing however, that it is probably a legitimate call to arms to begin the process of educating the people through forums, open discussion and debates on the pros and cons, the challenges, and goal ahead to our political future. Open campaigning in a governing period is destabilization of the political process. Both parties tend to engage in this at interval which perhaps incites anger and stress on the electorate. We must engage through alternative informative means.

The chant “WE WANT THEM OUT” is one that would perhaps fall on deaf eyes, but it should bring to the attention of this government the disenchantment of the voters out there, many whom have voted them in office and are now seriously disgusted with the ongoing situation on the island and want to see civility together with a vigorous debate on the issues the country is currently confronted with. The opposition Leader the honorable Mc. Neil Rogers must be commended for his call for respect for ourselves and The British government and to cool down the revolutionary and violent talk with promise for bloodshed. He further asked the Chief Minister to be ready to carry on a civil dialogue and intellectual engagement on the issue of greater self determination. Former Finance minister Victor Banks must also be highly commended for raising the level of the debate in his latest column calling for a greater level of autonomy in the internal management of our country pointing out that full internal self government is an option. Mr. Banks clearly seems willing to challenge Mr. Hughes on the premise of Anguilla’s constitutional development, asserting our fundamental right to Full Internal self Government. He almost categorized the present independent movement as human sharks in a feeding frenzy for power and supremacy. The questions that must be asked will this government yield to any degree of logic or we’ll have to join in the chant “WE WANT THEM OUT “to bring civility back to the country.

By: ejharrisxm

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