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Sunday, 16 January 2011


Anguilla is a country presently receiving hugely negative connotations to its name amongst the peoples of the world – where its reputation has been mostly ruined and shot down by its Chief Minister, and even in part by the British Government. Far from the country whose people were labelled as a bunch of self-righteous pricks parading around exclaiming their superiority.

But do you know that roughly two-third (2/3) of Anguillians are not in sync with their government?

Anguilla is a country full of loving, educated, creative, insightful and helping people. It is predominantly of African-descent where probably every culture from around the world mingle, and tourism our main industry. We are not an ignorant people. We know what goes on in the world for the most part, thanks to our state-of-the-art telecommunication systems, the Internet and Ras-B from Up Beat!

We don't think of the French as smelly with oily and cheesy foods, nor of the English as racist snooty lunatics and their women as easy-meat, nor of Australians as good surfers and mongoose eaters, nor of Asians as dorks who are religious fanatics and full of incest, nor of Muslims as terrorists, nor of Brazilians as good football/soccer players and sexy women, nor of Mexicans as drug kingpins and smugglers, nor of Canadians as backwards liberalists, nor of Russians as mafias or supports organised crime, nor of Africans as having sex like rabbits or aids-ridden mites... no matter what anybody else thinks. Ok... yes we have our share of ignorant people who think like that, but are you going to tell me that Anguilla is the only country in the world that with people who think like this?

Therefore, what we are witnessing now on Anguilla as a government must never be the only impression you gained about Anguilla. I am sure that you know of many ignorant and arrogant governments around the world, but you know too that they themselves are not a true reflection of the masses they claimed to represent. Well... except it’s a president of a civil service association! The reality is that our electorate was once again fooled in 2010, and as a friendly law abiding people we may be stuck with a bunch of incompetent childish apeshit idiots... constitutionally for five years.

Imagine not one representative in government who isn't a retarded monkey who cannot tell a plus from a negative not even to sustain our only industry - Tourism. Well... but for its “devolved minister”. And though Circus Liberation’s audience is small and of insignificance, they paint a thousand negative words about us as a people. The sad reality is that our masses “may” have to constitutionally suffer through this comic episode for four more “long” years.

By: Realist Spikenice

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“Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity” – MLK.