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Saturday, 1 January 2011


It is indeed remarkable, that if one fights hard they can achieve, and be so rewarded according to their desire. In Anguilla politics there is no other personality known to the average person, whether that’ll be from the opposition benches or the executive branch of government, than the Honorable Hubert Hughes Chief Minister of Anguilla.

To be fair to the good gentleman, he is a character of exceptional persona. A man with exactly two personalities that works exceptionally well for him. We’ve all known Mr. Hughes as a tyrant (bully) at the podium in the opposition benches for the people; he performs best when he has a target, and is relentless. We know that in the past he has executed very well and often held The House of Assembly for extremely long hours to make sure his point was clear and not misunderstood, to the dislike of many of his fellow members. At one point in the long history of his representation, he became victim to a “Tyson like upper cut” which brought perfect silence in the midst of a House debate, only for the screaming sound of the ambulance extracting him for needed attention, as understood. It was said that he returned to the podium and continued his speech. As life evolved, we know that Mr. Hughes’ aggressor became ill and suffered severe and extensive blindness; Mr. Hughes in his effort with no empathy, extended no compassion but remarked; “we knew he was dumb, but now he is both dumb and blind;’ directly to a fellow colleague, equal in statesmanship, at his lowest ebb in a wish for good health and wellness.

Nevertheless, I know this man, very friendly, tolerant, a gentleman. If one is lucky to perhaps meet him in a social setting or perhaps the supermarket, I am more than certain you can get his full attention, always willing to exchange soft words of comfort, but will no doubt also emphasize a point in opposition to the government. Obviously Mr. Hughes had one last wish in his ostentatious (colorful) political vocation, to become The Chief Minister of Anguilla once again. The Lord has blessed him with that wish. Now there are fierce winds blowing, and a very stormy path; can he rise to the occasion? Meet the challenge? Can he bring to the forefront that fierceness, once again? That Tyson like “upper cut” in return that will silence the rumbling! Can Mr. Hughes bring back that relentless effort to succeed no matter what, and beat back the challenges that confront us! We know this is his prayer. May the good Lord grant him his wish with wisdom going forward this bright New Year, to lead and succeed! We, who carefully observe, miss that impulse which set ablaze the debate in the House, with the careful view that today he has the floor to himself, his opponents, relatively young but sober and vigilant, cannot by good measure, relate in any form to the vast experience embodied by this great man. We see no punch, no fury, like we use to. His budget speech in times past would easily be measured in days, this time around summarized by minutes. Is he giving up the fight? Or this fight’s just too much.

By: ejharrisxm

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