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Wednesday, 12 January 2011


Despite talks of recession, austerity measures and increase taxes, circus audiences couldn’t resist “Circus Liberation” billed as “The British Is Coming”. Yes, the Circus is back and touring with its latest performance unconstitutionally ignoring administrative principles claiming that its Devine purpose is to "defend the national sovereignty and territorial integrity" of Anguilla - a barmy called for independence without true democracy... the birth of a dictatorship.

At the start of the show there is an opinion that there are too many tricks and horrors going on and you don’t know which to look at first, but within seconds it becomes clear that each artiste will have their own time to ‘shine’. You quickly will learn that the show is for the asylum of the criminal insane or the senile.

And as the curtain goes up, we kept our eyes open and braced ourselves for an onslaught of totally shocking, frightening and unashamedly evil depravity about a Britain. The performance seems definitely more hammer than slaughter and keels over well short of its own hype with its “smoke screens” and dazzling array of jaw dropping circus acts and Jackass style stunts with crude antics and ever amazing illusions which will have you there wondering what on earth they can do to amaze you next... yet it just keeps coming.

To be fair though the show's intentions are good, yet it is hard to follow as you are more aware of the performers’ criminal intent rather than the story being told. Those corrupt gory, gory, characters - it’s like a hellish tale from the pits of hell... scary!!

My favourite though is the comically macabre character who charges himself up with over 300,000 volts of electricity, via an electrode in his butt, and sends lightning bolts shooting out of his mouth, with dodgy threats; as the law authorities patiently awaits his underestimations.

It's really not a show for the extreme thrill seeker, the faint hearted, the music lover or the under 12. You will be slightly taken aback due to the various characters in the show selling “insubstantial concocted” ideas, illusions made to look realistic and spectacular, of an “independent Anguilla”; as they go around scaring the living shit out of people. And though there were some children of various ages in the audience, it’s not the type of circus most parents should allow their under 12 years old to be watching.

Ok, but for the “gymnast” who is very talented and can play the weirdest illusion you can imagine and not believe.

The show can best be described as a mixture of shock, horror and stunned amazement and lots of lunacy to make you laugh your ass off; though most rated it PG (Pure Garbage).

Follow Circus Liberation for future performances on the “To The Point”, “In Your Face”, and “On The Spot” radio programs weekly.

Future performances will be based on the theme: “LAST WARNING - CHOOSE COOPERATION OR CONFRONTATION!”

The show continues on Wednesday, January 12, 2011, at the old East End School.

By: Realist Spikenice

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