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Saturday, 15 January 2011


Responsible leadership is thoughtful leadership with deep consideration of your objectives, your determinations and consequences. We can now safely say that this government has entrapped its self into exactly what was expected of them, both from the opposition’s stand point and that of the British Government. One would likely have assumed that it was quite early in the tenure of this government and because of the thrill of victory on February 15th 2010 a methodical approach to governing was side lined and it was a rush to govern. Clear thinking, concerned Anguillians, both supporters and non supporters of this government had hoped that there would be a sincere and serious conversation with the people about the nature of the crisis we face and how these problems would have been tackled, instead we have a continuous rambling with much of the same words over and over again; it is now a fore gone conclusion that there has not been an in-depth study of the situation and nothing to reveal.

It is clear now, the kind of chaos that is being imposed on us, simply because of the lack of appropriate leadership. Much of what we are witnessing right now comes from self inflicted frustration whipped in the campaign as a strategy to mislead the people, when we were told; we have the answers, we will never tax you, we will make Britain pay and we will bring back Flags project, only if you elect AUM. Now that we have a functioning AUM government these frustrations have reached dangerous proportion, endangering the future of our country. The Minister for the Overseas Territories in his response to Mr. Hughes’s request to remove the Governor from the island appeared to respond by telling him, “I was waiting for you, with the same old nonsense you tried in ’95 and ’99 “I knew you would come with that.”I took time and studied your file, your history, your remarks, your insults and the way you govern," so I’ll tell you right now, “None of that, for that reason the Governor stays an extra eighteen months “deal with that.”

What we have now is a government contained within the perimeters West End to Sandy Hill struggling to find a stream of influence has no voice in the very serious affairs of the country and is not heard. It is very unfair to us a civilized people, for our government to be venting their frustration from our most powerful office “The office of the Chief Minister. No one with clear thinking and in their right mind would accept Hughes’s call for independence seriously, simply because in the simplest form, to introduce such a life changing exercise to a people must be done from a position of dialogue and consultation with said people. It is quite ok for this to be done from a party’s position with intentions to influence their supporters, but to get on the regional airwaves speaking on behalf of the country without the minimum consultation, and not substantiated by any reasonable logic is out of bounds and incites instability, moreover, such a move deserves a vote of no confidence from the people. It provides insight into the mindset of a government that wants to lead us into the future. No one can take this serious; not “Hughes’s Independence.”

By: ejharrisxm

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