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Sunday, 30 December 2012


How are we as a people going to cope with the most challenging economic changes any of us have seen in our lifetime? What are the top trends our business and political leaders must know about today? How can we better plan for the future? Anguillians need to analyze the top trends, scenarios and strategies that will shape the future of its society in the coming years. If should matter little if what we call the future is one minute or one year from today we need to be prepared to face the future challenges and risks. 

Business leaders and Politicians today need critical knowledge about emerging trends. They must learn to navigate real-time change – whether that change comes from the effects of terrorism on travel, the competition from other markets, the peculiarities of visitors, changes in technology or global economic or political factors. An essential part of leading is the ability to develop the capacity to anticipate the future in the face of growing uncertainty, disruptions or chaos. The 21st century will continue to be a period of great uncertainty, it will be complex and fast changing and all of these factors must be integrated into our economic strategy.

It is this understanding of future trends will drive opportunities for Anguillians to take their place in a complex global society. The key questions that need to be integrated into our future economic strategy are: How will changing global demographics, financial considerations and varied choices affect our economic strategy? How will workforce shifts and need to attract the best talent affect small islands? What are the top technologies and business processes Anguillians must master in order to develop a competitive advantage? How will future economic trends like “geo local” tourism where people travel closer to home affect fragile markets like Anguilla? What new opportunities does science offer in terms of health, education or food security? What further dislocations can we expect from globalization in general and trade relationships in particular? What are the essential strategies to building a society capable of responding and navigating changes in a period great uncertainty? 

Understanding future trends will have an impact on our society, the economy we build will determine our future success.

By: Statchel Warner

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