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Wednesday, 2 January 2013


The Government of Anguilla

Happy New Year to everyone, and as we look forward for a bright a prosperous year ahead., we must give God thanks for his grace that keeps us fulfilled and will take us through this year successfully. Keep a careful eye on what’s trending in our politics. I call myself a “keen observer”and endeavor to analyze politics on Anguilla, having a sustained interest in the overall progress of our country. So, I continue to document my observations and concerns of vital interest. We all need to be vigilant and assure ourselves that our country remains on the right track, and our government works in the interest of its people. 

It was a painful sight to watch the Honorable Chief Minister try to lift the spirits of the people this Christmas, emphasizing the difficulty he faces in trying to move the country along. The Chief Minister stands in default, default, by driving the enthusiasm of a people as he stood in what had quickly become known as “Freedom Park” immediately after our last election, he promised Anguilla that he would turn around the economy in six months and ensure prosperity for all, farfetched. This government has brought pain on its people, never seen in the history of our new found reality; our government seem helpless, having the full weight and squeeze by the British Government and its careful oversight in its demand for good governance of the country. Does this mean that our government is taken hostage? No! We need to find neutral grounds in conducting business with the UK, and resolve our issues through dialogue. We support our government and wish them well in their effort to govern effectively, but we’ve never had to deal with taxation to such a degree, when our economy is at its lowest ebb. One wonders if this is truly the state of affairs evident of worldwide effects or self inflected injuries, brought on by a fractured ensemble, less prepared and mal-equipped for the task of effective government.

The Hon. Edison Baird, Minister most capable and
 responsible for so much, yet nothing.
More-over, does it reflect an eccentric style in governing when logic points in one direction? Where compromise has no place in rational discourse? It is not how tough one may appear in the process of governing; it is how the tough stuff gets resolve that points to success. We stand amaze as an effective politician and experienced legislator as the Honorable Edison Baird is completely extricated from an effective function within government, let alone in his capacity to assist a government he accentuated through vicious rivalry. Chickens may have come home to roost, and that vicious impulse reversed its self. Can we tolerate this? Or should we demand that all, all those elected by the people perform optimally, and insist, without exception. Why would Chief Minister Hughes allow such dysfunction in his government and not speak to the issue of Minister Baird’s side lined function; that seems like immense compromise for one who won’t budge in his so called dispute with FCO and the UK. There should be no room on the front line for dissed politicians or wounded soldiers. If you’re not with us, then you are against us or to be taken off the battle field. And if the master mind politician, honorable Minister Baird can’t lend full support to a government of his peers then he should join the opposition and effectively represent all the people on the floor of the “House” because certainly, the people are not rewarded by his state of affair.

It may well do justice to the people of Anguilla if the Honorable Chief Minister in his wisdom and vast experience in government, concede that his task is much more intricate than anticipated. Return the government to the people and allow the process of wellbeing of the people to continue through persevering democratic choice; only because the government of the people has failed in its task to deliver as promised. Let integrity be the guide on this journey with no impediment to recourse, and reset the destiny of the people of Anguilla.

By: E. J. Harrigan 

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  1. Mr. Harrigan, the caption says it all. The particular picture is worth more than a thousand words. I don't know where to go from there. I agree with you that this government has its head up its a--. How do you account for all the crime and everything else that is taking place. If we are paying Minister Baird's salary to sit and do nothing, then something needs to be done. Is it just that he wants to collect a paycheck? If he's part of Hughes' machine, then his resignation from the government would force new elections wouldn't it? Can we afford two more years of this type of stagnation. I think it's a biblical phrase, "but to whom much is given, much is expected." Why then doesn't Mr. Baird show some grit and do what he thinks is right. It's time to man up.


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