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Tuesday, 20 January 2015


Anguilla is really too small for Politics - we all were appalled last evening listening to the To-The-Point radio program via Klass FM 92.9, to hear Ex-Police Officer renowned Investigative Journalist and radio-talk-show host, now Politician, Christian Elkin Richardson being disagreeable, condemning... actually nuking the Anguilla Christian Council (ACC), and the Evangelical Association (EA), for speaking boldly against, and demanding an apology from rouge Politician, Jerome Roberts, for calling you the Anguilla Diaspora - "Jackasses."

The role, among other things, of these organisations is the elimination of stigma and discrimination, while educating Christians on the need for peaceful existence and tolerance among members of different faiths. They believe that governance and nation building incorporate monitoring the activities of political parties and professional bodies and offering advice to them. They appeal to Politicians to spend more time discussing issues of national interest concerning education, the youths, crime, health and poverty, the vulnerable, while avoiding the use of provocative language in their speeches.

The organisations know that we cannot build a strong and stable nation of informed citizens on partisanship alone and decry the sometimes acrimonious, volatile, emotive and provocative language some politicians use particularly by the Anguilla Utter Mess (AUM) Government when speaking to their followers and sympathizers like calling them "Jackasses".

In or about May 2013, a ACC/EA joint statement said: "We are not partisan and will not take a partisan position. As clergy in this Christian society, we expect better behaviour of our citizens generally, especially citizens who offer themselves for political leadership."

The AUF has always maintained and will continue to maintain an excellent relationship with the ACC and EA, and maintained that no derogatory statements should be acceptable. This demeaning, unfair, excessive and false verbal attacks by this utter mess AUM Government should be condemned consistently and without bias and with even-handedness.

Christian Elkin, as a Christian, I too would thought that you would promote such Christian values on Anguilla. Guess here's the meaning of Christ-turn Politician... theocracy/hypocrisy... where Christianity and Politics just don't mix - ask the Hon. Evan Gumbs about his nesting... guess they maintained their Jackass positions. 

A convenient/inconvenient God they served...

By: Realist Spikenice
Candidate against Anguilla Utter Mess (AUM) Government of Anguilla

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