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Friday, 23 January 2015


... Anguillians never sleep since Feb 15, 2010. 
I believe God dozed on Feb 15 2010. This is the lessons of "greater is he that is in you", and why we must keep the faith. In that glitch, a culture of short attention spans took over, selfishness, we were fooled by everything perceived to make our lives easier and results achieved faster - our inhibitions got lower, the inherent value of things decreased and indulgence increased... the world and everything must be at our finger tips... the lies about the turning of straw into gold, and the putting of money back in our pockets overnight. Simply indoctrinated by this Anguilla Utter Mess (AUM) Administration, you believed in a world of unlimited supply where life itself is disposable - you were "Jackassed" hook, line and sinker, my fellow Anguillians.

For five long years, this utter mess administration has done nothing but molested and raped you and kids future on Anguilla. The questions are: 1) Are you better off today than you were, under these Incompetents? 2) Do you feel safer? This administration is the kinda pregnancy legal to abort - the childbirth (The other cheek of the same asshole) you must avoid come this general election and beyond.

Our way forward must be based on confidence, track record, materializing set objectives - programs mapped out which will serve the interest of all Anguillians. Anguilla now begs the question, "what have you done for me lately?”, a people crying out,“It ain't nothing going on but the rent” – food shortage, water rationing, no electricity, no jobs, extremely high healthcare cost, no help… the sanctity of our people has been diminished to that of a Jackass.

Anguilla, in 1967 you believed so deeply that in the face of impossible odds, people who love this country can change it... that time has come again. The Legislators Pension Act is constitutional, and that any such unconstitutional move by this utter mess AUM Administration to change it, must be met with mass demonstrations - make their lives hell! We must recommit to that spirit of rallying for justice and security like in London and Paris. We all need to embrace our Human Rights and stamp out injustices wherever it shows its ugly head. We need to stand up and be counted to once again give Aguillians who have never participated in politics a reason too to stand up and be counted. Love for country must have a defined meaning, and it matters not who make that commitment or sacrifice, once it has been done to benefit all of us as one people.

"Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words
shall not pass away" - Matthew 24:35
Let this utter mess administration be the last political disaster you've experienced on Anguilla. Let a team, under the stewardship of Mr. Victor Franklin Banks, sweep away this nightmare... this gloom and dome five years of false choices, false hopes, failed policies, false economy... and restore that commitment to Anguilla's most cherished ideals. You are not Jackasses my fellow Anguillians... your pride will be restored.

By: Realist Spikenice
Candidate against Anguilla Utter Mess (AUM) Government of Anguilla

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