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Thursday, 29 January 2015


Pasquale (Pat) Minicucci, B.Comm, FICB, ICD.D Owner
at Minicucci Coaching & Consulting - former Senior Vice
President Caribbean Region for Scotia Bank; and the then
Honorable Victor Franklin Banks: Minister of Finance, Economic
Development, Investment and Tourism.
Mr. Victor Franklin Banks is that kind of special leader with an amazing ability to bring people to the table from across party lines in maintaining political stability and economic prosperity on Anguilla. With such highly qualified leadership and team of professionals, properly vetted, organized and fit for purpose, It's humbling and inspiring, but more than anything, it's an awakening for each one of us here on Anguilla.

It’s embarrassing for too long now, that while an intelligent globe seeks to select their elites to compete and lead; we were deselecting our elite and electing our non-intelligent animals... while our sisters and brothers in the region laugh at our staged comedy circus.

An AUM case study...A+
But we still have a challenge, an Anguilla Utter Mess (AUM) Administration therefore, we are taking nothing for granted as we work hard to get your every last vote in this general elections. We've seen what happens when the will of the people is swept aside. Corruption and incompetence paralyze their will power and ability to think; where standards are diminished, and the fundamental fairness of our society diminishes to benefit a visionless bunch of no-brainers and their influence-peddlers...

Then they label you as Jackasses!

By: Realist Spikenice
Candidate against the Anguilla Utter Mess (AUM) Administration

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