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Sunday, 25 January 2015


"Is he a molester, rapist, racist, thief, ignorant, arrogant and reckless, and
an uneducated man too?!"
Look, the reality is that Dr. Webster is a brilliance irrespective to whom he supports or run with. We are not in this campaign to demonize anyone. I love Haydn Hughes, we will always be friends, but hates his politics... actually I respect all politicians personally. I have no political enemy... I have political opponents! And I will be harsh on any deemed such. Dr. Webster is not an AUM's pedigree... even if it is rumoured that he is the father to his unknown outside twin.

We have to be careful on what's important, and focus on that importance in this General Election. And what is important in this election is not about comparing a Dr. Webster's medical practice with Dr. Hughes' or Dr. Bryan's. I mean, the reality here is that the Hon. Chief Minister has two nephews who are credible and well known medical practitioners, in the persons of Dr. Lowell Hughes and Dr. Franklin Hughes of Hughes Medical Centre, whom have never supported his concocted governments... not even with a 10ft pole! As a matter of fact, his other nephew, Mr. Rommel Hughes, the next natural representative for Constituency-5, Road North, is the brain behind re-electing the Hon. Edison Baird, Opposition, the present representative of that district.

Let it be on record here, that none of the Hon. Chief Ministers' intelligent relatives supports his brand of politics on Anguilla, but for the Hon. Haydn Hughes - with obvious measured intelligence. Not even Anguilla Jazz Festival co-founder and renown Jazz DJ, Mr. James Connor, supports his uncle's brand of politics on Anguilla. It's a brand of gutterness and gutlessness, demonization, satanic and vile rituals... the politics of demeaning, derogatory, insulting and offensive language against senior civil servants, the Governor, the Attorney General, the Deputy Governor, investors, teachers, ordinary citizens... literally encompassing their families... racist against white people, the United Kingdom, and Her Royal Highness and families... and certainly, not least of all, the members of the Anguilla United Front (AUF) Opposition Party.

This election is about the future of your generations, the restoration of good governance and economic stability and prosperity for all Anguillians to once again feel proud to be a part of, and call Anguilla home. This utter mess government was the the kind of failed and costly experimentation we the taxpayers did not worth the shame.... 5 years of failed policies, mistrust, disunity, hatred, reckless and vileness, emptiness and failures among a visionless estranged grouping and their prostituted cohabitation, concocted to intoxicate you the electorate every 5 years with its poisonous filth.

The AUM Government has disgraced the Anguilla Diaspora in particular, and the region as a whole. Do not let you intelligence be derailed once again... do not take lightly the fact that you have been labelled to be "Jackasses" by this utter mess government of Anguilla - let no one disrespect your pride as an Anguillian. We will find work for Dr. Webster even after he loses his deposit in this general election to Othlyn Vanterpool or Pam Webster... moreover, that he is a specialist... but most importantly because he is one of us. Let this utter mess administration be the last political disaster you've experienced on Anguilla. Let a team, under the stewardship of Mr. Victor Franklin Banks , sweep away this nightmare... this gloom and dome five years of false choices, false hopes, failed policies, false economy... and restore that commitment to Anguilla's most cherished ideals. Your pride will be restored, I promise you!

By: Realist Spikenice
Candidate against the Anguilla Utter Mess (AUM) Government of Anguilla.

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