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Monday, 26 January 2015


 "... listen, the Anguilla people are Jackasses. I destroyed Ronald
then give him a holiday. I destroyed ADP, and ANA had to take 
Victor in. I replaced an intelligent radio announcer, put an idiot to 
run in  his place, and the people voted for him resoundingly.   
I raised Eddy, buh tat boi too lazy, I couldn't support him no more. 
Look... the Transshipment was brilliant, but Victor was full of 
tricks... too smart for me, so I had to get rid of it. Whenever 
anything go wrong with my government, I blame you white 
people in London, and you know that the people believes every
word I says. So, what do you call such people other than Jackasses? 
Let me say this before I go, listen to me... I suppose to have 3 sons
... one is mine... one don't know that he is not mine ... and one
want to be mine."
We recall the Hubert Hughes’ Vote of No Confidence; his ADP/AUM Better Government for Anguilla debacle; his transshipment saga; his infidelity with Jerome Roberts and Edison Baird theatricals; his refusal to appoint an Opposition Leader in Parliament - his raping of the taxpayers purse on an outdated phone bill - mistrust, jealousy, envy... just to name a few of his convergence of confusion in Governments on Anguilla.

This Chief Minister's greed has demolished equity... blatant Nepotism beyond possibility of restrain. In the end, his unchecked greed threatens freedom, undermines the social fabric of our society, and was an undemocratic force. His government was unconstitutional for over 3.5 years... ignored by his evil British, as they were simply afraid to be labeled as evil colonialist intentionally destroying the economy and driving Anguillians back into poverty and slavery by taking their homes, lands and jobs and killing us with taxes.

However... the jury is out as to why the loyal opposition waited til this eleventh-hour to act. This boycotting of the House of Assembly on Anguilla is believe to be one of the most brilliant moves yet by a shadow government on Anguilla, saving us that level of continued embarrassment from this disgraceful debacle, this utter mess Government - shuttling in the kinda of change we so urgently needed.

I therefore admonish this utter mess to fast forward, and call general elections now! Your greed has ran its course therefore, the Legislatures Pension Act has escaped its onslaught, and in the quest for political stability and economic prosperity on Anguilla, you have given the Anguilla United Front (AUF) Opposition, an unfettered mandate in this general election...

It's important to know that though we the electorate cannot regulate stupidity, we surely can usher you into Parliament or facilitate an anticipated exit.

By: Realist Spikenice
Candidate against the Anguilla Utter Mess (AUM) Government of Anguilla

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