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Friday, 23 October 2009

Anguilla Oppositions diagnosed with Swine Flu

The Anguilla political oppositions have been diagnosed with swine flu, the Minister of Health office confirmed to the nation just a few moments ago.

The oppositions gained instant notoriety in July when in the face of their irresponsible destructive criticisms on irrelevant accusations on government’s fiscal irresponsibility; the United Kingdom Government still find it prudent to complement government’ foresight. This was in the midst of the recession when the G20 heads of governments, including Britain’s, were asking its members to inject cash flow to rescue their economies and turn around the recession.

All this lack of foresight was after the UK Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, unveiled a $1.1 trillion (£747 billion) rescue fund for the global economy at the end of the G20 summit in London.

Government commitment to cutting public expenditure has seen government reluctantly cutting civil servants salaries; a measure the oppositions felt wasn’t far enough. Oppositions are hell-bent on further decreasing civil servants numbers and further reducing their pay. This is at a time when the Government of Anguilla has attracted its most qualified civil servants to date.

Anguilla – a free-market base economy – has seen skyrocketing uncontrollable cost of living in the midst of the recession at a time when other countries around the world were reducing theirs. In 2008, acting under advice and much concerned, the Government of Anguilla was forced to increase civil servants salaries – a civilized move which was met by much denunciation from the oppositions.

The Government of Anguilla has pledged to do everything within its power to protect its civil servants wellbeing at any cost and promised to repay cuts in the future.

In his confident but charismatic nature, the Health Minister extended sympathy however jovially amuses the media when he said: “perhaps this is Almighty God sending a clear message to the electorate - to keep their distance.

Hubert Hughes, the least informed but still in his attack mode said to the nurse at his bedside, “I’ll be just fine, some jabs will do.”

The Health Minister said he plans to get the H1N1 vaccination soon, but only after the majority of Anguillians receive it first.

As the oppositions head off to seclusion while they recover, the government of Anguilla will use this opportunity to correct much destructive criticism, lies, rumours and innuendoes perpetrated by the Dreamwork Visionless Oppositions.

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