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Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Teamwork or Dreamwork?

At the end of this silly process of electing Teamwork for continue growth and prosperity for Anguilla, the nation must unite at roundtables to create the opportunities for all Anguillians; and discussions for the liberation and reconstitution of our country. We must enter a new stage of unity and trust, struggle and rebuilding; applying all means necessary, working forcibly to eradicate all destructive forces.

Today, not surprisingly we are in an economic-cleansing called a recession, but the reality is that we are way past a hopelessness-cleansing. Sadly so, this will involve a vital part of our parliamentary democracy – our Dreamwork Visionless Oppositions.

Our way forward must be based on confidence, track record, realizing set objectives - a program mapped out which will serve the interest of all Anguillians. Anguillians have proven over the years that we have the capacity to resolve our own issues ourselves provided that we are given the opportunity to do so without destructive and selfish interferences.

Under sound leadership, the Government and people of Anguilla must hold the firm conviction and stance of our legitimacy and legitimate concerns and speak with one accord, one voice, one song.

This election the choices for leadership couldn’t be simpler: continue stability, growth and prosperity or back to the Stone-Age.

This election… Think.


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