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Friday, 16 October 2009


The much anticipated interview between the opposition’s host of the Radio program - On The Spot – and the Hon. Mr. Victor F Banks - deputy leader of government business and present leader of the ruling Anguilla United Front party, was one which has seen added government support and brings much clarity to the destructive accusations propagandised by our Visionless Oppositions.

The Hon. Minister has eloquently acquitted himself fearlessly and accurately to the much surprise of the electorate who anticipated fire and brimstone turns out to be a pop; that even the host of the program was supportive with kudos and condoned most of government’s hard work and initiatives in taking the nation forward.

Much of the oppositions’ concern was the sale by our indigenous bank, National Bank of Anguilla, of a prime and secure beach front property with a hotel at Cinnamon Reef; a property which the Government of Anguilla has indirectly purchased through a subsidiary investment company of the Anguilla Social Security, for the development of a much needed hospitality learning institution... a government of the People, by the People, for the People.

As a single industry economy, the Government of Anguilla is mindful and of the positive view that such an institution is vital to growth and sustainability of this industry and in turn, a vibrant economy.

Anguilla swept the medal board at the TASTE of the CARIBBEAN in June, when a young Anguillian Team confirmed without doubt Anguilla's position as the premier culinary destination in the Caribbean. Team Captain Chef GLENDON CARTY (of Ripples and Cap Juluca), a 35 year old Anguillian gained a Gold Medal for his performance and was subsequently voted overall 'CARIBBEAN CHEF of the YEAR 2009" - a highly respected and sought after accolade.

In his rounds of clarifying much lies, rumours and innuendoes from the destructive Dreamwork Visionless Opposition camps, the Hon. Minister is scheduled to appear on the program – In Your Face – 97.7FM UP-Beat on Saturday evening.

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