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Saturday, 10 October 2009

A near miss for the Government and people of Anguilla

The Diplomatic and Intelligent Community decoded what the United Kingdom (UK) Government signaled via the Hon. Chris Bryant, the UK Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, this way:

The UK Government expresses confidence in the ruling Anguilla United Front Government in the face of its [UK] rejections to similar BOT’s requests and local Oppositions’ insensitive and senseless, inexperience and destructive criticisms.

The United Kingdom government takes into consideration - that despite Anguilla’s breach on the agreed UK/Anguilla borrowing guidelines, for which the UK Government takes seriously, the UK government is committed to credible partnerships and tried and tested (experience) leadership; prosperity and stability in its territories; and continued good governance and trust established between the Anguilla United Front and the UK Governments.

However, the UK Government foremost takes seriously (emphasis) that the obligation of freedom (independence) is the willingness and ability to stand on our own feet. It reverberates that this can only be realized with immediate and courageous plans to broaden Anguilla's revenue base even in the agony of defeat.

The UK Government further recommended, like the constitution review recommended committees, the use of ‘professional interim consultants’ on incisive advice and actionable recommendations. And with backgrounds in strategy, project management, government and research, and no family ties - they are capable of tackling any task.

Anguillians are still enjoying the luxury of being a tax free nation simply because their government - with the lack of finances, legislation or enforcement - is too weak to intervene in the private affairs of the people. As of such, rather than Orders-in-Council or heavy handedness; interim consultants are less intrusive, affordable, friendlier, and are a ‘more’ flexible way to scale up projects, bring in external expertise and deliver genuine strategic modeling for broadening Anguilla’s revenue base.

It is the absence of such plans, including details on how existing and any further debt will be paid back over the next 3-5 years, and planned changes to Anguilla’s taxation policy, coupled with the Anguilla and UK Parliamentary elections due in 6 months, the British government cannot agree to Anguilla’s entire borrowing request.

The Government of Anguilla and electorate welcome the UK Government strategic intervention and take seriously their administering power concerns.

The Diplomatic and Intelligent Community is of the view in 2009, that if the Oppositions do not have the intelligence to comprehend such diplomacy - then they are ‘not fit for purpose’.

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