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Thursday, 29 October 2009

The Leader Of The Opposition Health is Apparently Gravely Deteriorating

The nation is in a state of shock and is very sadden about the apparent deteriorating health of the Hon. Hubert Hughes, Opposition Leader, after a dismal appearance in a live warm-up debate on radio, Up-Beat FM - 24th, October - with the Deputy Leader of Government business and Leader of the Anguilla United Front Party (AUF), Mr. Victor F. Banks.

His disgraceful debacle and wellbeing worried both his nephews, both physicians, so much that it is reported that they summoned him to their clinic for a complete medical check-up.

Listeners reported of obvious sudden involuntary sleep disorder, slurred voice, lack of attention and a serious lack of memory; displaying symptoms that the Hon. Mr. Hughes may be suffering from Narcolepsy and/or Dementia.

Narcolepsy symptoms are characterized by excessive sleepiness, dreaming during naps and experiencing dream-like hallucinations as you fall asleep. Loss of muscle control (called cataplexy) that occurs with emotion, such as laughing or anger are also symptoms; and may explain why the Hon. Opposition Minister seems to be constantly dishing out gobbledygook uncontrollably.

However, symptoms of Dementia were long known in the diplomatic circle where he long loses his integrity, for lack of memory or failing to tell the truth, that he neither studied nor holds a degree from Britain’s prestigious University, the University of Oxford, the oldest surviving university in the English-speaking world - and is regarded as one of the world's leading academic institutions. An in-depth record search reveals that neither the name nor the person: Hubert Benjamin Hughes - attended or read for a degree at that learning institution.

The “Honourable” Opposition Leader, Mr. Hubert Benjamin Hughes, has long contended that he holds a degree in Finance and Economics from that learning institution.

In light of this revelation: should the “Honourable” Opposition Leader make known his academic accomplishments?

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