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Friday, 16 October 2009

Who Am I?

Realist Spikenice is a fairly taught pragmatic independent thinker who believes in the provocation of realism and concerned issues; with the dissemination of opinions, viewpoints or imaginaries, and maybe some lampooning! I am simply a Realist that spike nicely.

At no point, has the Anguilla United Front Party made contact with me (personally, electronically or post) with contributions of any material disseminating via Anguilla Concerned Rumours; Anguilla Concerned Rumours Facebook Page; or Realist Spikenice’ Facebook Notes.

Realist Spikenice’s independent ‘reality crusade’ started roughly over 2-years in an effort to stimulate and educate the electorate as to the much unwanted and untruthful damaging filth propaganda circulating over the internet by our retired Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court Judge – disgraceful Ian Donaldson Mitchell (Corrupt de-Don) – about our beloved tranquility. All this was at a time when the Oppositions were engaged in his support while destructively destroying our nation home... Anguilla.

If you were a recipient of my emails over the years, you would if attentive, observed my disclaimer which read:

Neither the Government of Anguilla, United Kingdom or the United States of America nor any elected official, member of any opposition party or any law enforcement agency contributed to any part thereof nor is responsible for any such discourse aforementioned or its dissemination. Unauthorised amendments and/or editing and dissemination of this initial discourse are strictly prohibited without my prior written permission and may be unlawful. However, an excerpt(s) may be use for base or expanding discussion.

I therefore request of you, to please let’s be respectful to each other’ intelligence and independent thoughts.

Realist Spikenice believes that voting is not simply about dictating conscience but rather an educational process where on Election Day you are given an examination; the results are your future success... or failure. This ritual or consciously tribal selection process which has plague Anguilla from the dawn of elections must come to an end if we ought to build a successful nation.

No one should vote for these empty vessels Oppositions out of sympathy or a slogan called change, but rather not vote for them because they are clueless, disorganized and destructive for the future growth, development and stability of Anguilla.

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  1. You have Libelled Justice Mitchell in lines 4 to 7 of paragraph three above, and then a few lines later you say " I therefore request of you, to please let's be respectful to each other' intelligence and independent thoughts" [errors in original].

    Do you see the contradiction? Or, should Justice Mitchell point it out to you in Court?


“Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity” – MLK.