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Monday, 16 November 2009

Vicious Attacks On Our Women

Recently the Opposition launches vicious attacks led by their chauvinistic piggish men, on our hard working and ambitious young lawyer and Anguilla United Front’s candidate, Mrs. Cora Richardson-Hodge; following her most honest and inspiring speech on our platform in her district a few nights ago. Cora has been weathering days of the Opposition’s relentless, divisive, and reputation charged attacks.

But we know this pedigree of attacks. Over a year ago, similar chauvinistic piggish attacks were launched against Dame Bernice Lake QC; Hon. Donna Banks; Ms. Ann Edwards and quite recently on Mrs. Lolita Davis-Richardson from our naturalized Kittitian Mutt, Ian Donaldson Mitchell CBE QC via his blog – Corruption Free Anguilla.

Why does the Opposition hates our most ambitious and productive women on Anguilla?

We are demanding the Opposition to stop parroting lies, innuendoes and rumours; and distracting the electorate from the real issues affecting this nation.

The electorate must reject the Opposition’s propaganda mouthpiece, Mr. Haydn Hughes, as parroting a malicious attempt to smear, defame and distract the electorate from the pressing issues of the day.

The Anguilla United Front party appreciates the contribution of our women in society and does not shrink from its implications that our country can truly fulfill its divine purpose when we work in partnership with our women. We respect the fact that Anguilla was founded, in part, on the backs of our women.

Tell the Opposition to respect our women otherwise, Haydn Hughes as Opposition’s mouth-piece will continue to elevate smear after smear against our hard working women on Anguilla.

Thank you very much for your support.

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