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Monday, 16 November 2009

The Vision Of A "Blinded" Dad

The back-door 1982 Anguilla Constitution was a disguised blessing in our revolution; coupled with its much needed safeguards and/or protections. Before that, ministers of government under the disguise and protection by the Crown dictated, corrupted and manipulated the system without regard to age, experience or qualification in return for political support and/or personal interest.

Admission into the civil service for example was for the unambitious, lethargic and/or incompetent. Those whose abilities did not warrant an expectation to succeed in the open professions, where they will encounter the competition of their contemporaries; and where there is no opportunity of trying their fitness for purpose.

Quite arguably, the subsequent appointment of Mr. Stanley Reid to the post of Establishment Secretary, presently the Hon. Deputy Governor, witnessed a more meritorious and transparent system of Public Administration for Anguilla. Evidently and kudos to his credit was the suppression of strategize-positioning inaugurated for specific selective execution and/or saved opportunities awaiting preparation for, by identified individuals - oppose to an open merit based system. And not to mention his initiative in government’s pursuits against renege scholarships, subsequently recovering on breaches ignored by his predecessors.

And then there was that urgent need for the abolition of patronage; amateurism and inefficiency; secrecy, lack of accountability and ducking of responsibilities; transformation of the old miscellaneous collection of self-centered personals in public offices – with their replacement through merit and professional efficiency, into a modern integrated civil service.

Stanley Reid urgently addressed the urgent need for the improvement in management in the civil service; the development of a more modernized and friendlier environment; with clear aims and objectives while delivering more efficient services. Today, Anguilla can boast its most qualified and efficient civil service to date; with its ongoing positive transformational successes.

The Hon. Stanley Reid is destined to be the first Anguillian-British Governor by the ending of 2010 – guaranteed.

But our heartless unsympathetic dreamwork visionless Opposition still makes mockery of our patriotic giant, Mr. Eric Reid’s disability (the Hon. Stanley Reid’s dad). Mr. Statchel Warner reminded me the other day that “the worst thing in life is to be born sighted but lack vision”. And that simple sentence resonates and speaks volume.

But the eventual choice of Deputy Governorship for Anguilla was not an easy one for the British. There were other great men, with similar qualifications and qualities - the likes of Dr. Rev Niles - but then there were other men… there was Ian Donaldson Mitchell CBE QC.

With Mr. Mitchell's relationship with the Opposition and their lack of vision, we hope that they have not lost their sight as well.

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