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Sunday, 1 November 2009

New Leader Assumes Office On British West Indies Isle (2010)

Mr. Victor F. Banks was sworn in today as Chief Minister after his Anguilla United Front (AUF) Party won five of the seven seats in the Legislative Assembly of the British dependency.

Mr. Banks’ victory came at a time when the nation is in its worst economic difficulties due to the crippling recession.

In a victory rally with supporters earlier today, Mr. Banks said, retrofitting Psalm 94:16 –“you rise up for the AUF against our political opponents now friends. Now I am asking you to stand with us in taking this nation to the next level, in the face of any challenges that will come our way.” Mr. Banks continues: “our message of hope, unity and strength going forward will generate the kind of opportunities necessary for Anguilla’s prosperity. Let us start the liberation process and lay the foundation for our reconstitution, stability, security, economic growth and prosperity for our new nation. Under my leadership, we must enter this new awakening with resilience, trust, obligation, togetherness and appreciation… let’s get to work!”

Chief Minister Banks has been the longest serving Minister of Finance on Anguilla and has worked with every successful Anguilla Government Administration. Since Anguilla’s dependency on Britain in July of 1971, Chief Minister Banks is the first tertiary educated head of state on that British Overseas Territory.

The two other seats in the assembly went to the Anguilla Progressive Party's (APP) Ms Palmovan Webster and independent candidate Mr. Edison Baird; leaving former Chief Minister and Opposition leader Hubert Hughes’ party, the Anguilla United Movement AUM) without representation for the first time in over 25 years.

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