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Sunday, 22 November 2009

UK Anguillians Confirm the Hon. Victor Banks

Fellow Anguillians

Reports are that the Hon. Victor F. Banks’ performance in governments stood above the competition in this general election as he continued to show the qualities and judgment that will make him an excellent Chief Minister. This was a unanimous resounding breath of fresh-air at a town hall Anguillian assembly in Slough, England a few days ago where hundreds of Anguillians living in the UK were assembled.

The meeting looks at Mr. Banks’ passion and personal conviction; patriotism and commitment to Anguilla’s continue economic development and sustainability; his ability as a unifier in maintaining political stability on Anguilla; his experience and qualifications; and his charisma, respectability and great ability to communicate effectively at all levels.

This was in contrast to what were said about Hubert Hughes’ sporadic confusion and confrontational behavior and Mr. Brent Davis’ inexperience and rookieness. Surprisingly such names like Don Mitchell, Harry Wiggins, Percy Thomas and Sutcliffe Hodge were mentioned with less favourable taste.

The Anguillians present were unified about the kind of change in attitudes of the people representing the Anguilla Diaspora; and the faith that the Hon. Victor Banks is the candidate to facilitate these changes. He has shown commitment time and again that united, we can make a difference; and that he will work across lines of party, race, & religion to make progress in Anguilla.

We know working across party line is not easy, but the Anguilla United Front (AUF) continued to reinforce this message of unity and commitment to incorporate the best minds in reaching such greatness on Anguilla. True, real, and honest change we believed is vigorous in-depth debate on the many issues affecting Anguillians while delivering the best solutions.

With peace, political stability, economic growth and a nation’s prosperity in mind – VOTE AUF!

We thank you very much for your support Anguilla.

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